10 Tips for Remote Work While Traveling Abroad

Many people dream to travel and work remotely. The brave ones achieve those dreams. They head off into the world, exploring new countries and exotic cultures. But they don't leave things to chance. Brave dreamers also know how to plan. They make sure to work while traveling, so they could make their nomadic lifestyle sustainable.

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Preparing Yourself to Have the Best Time During Your trip Abroad

Are you about to go abroad on an extended Trip? Perhaps you are studying, teaching, volunteering or simply taking an extended vacation somewhere that you don't know very well, but are excited to go. Millions of people do this every year and the ones that have the best time of it are the ones who prepare the best for the trip.

To make sure that you have the best time possible on your trip abroad, here are a few things that you should do to repair yourself.

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Things to Remember When Traveling Alone

Solo travelers are taking all over the world – one place at a time. Many travel on their own to visit the places they like, to meet new people, or to simply know themselves a little bit better.

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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Hobart for One Month?

The island of Tasmania, 240 kilometres south of the Australian continent, was once seen as an slightly old-fashioned, if beautiful, backwater best known for being home to more than half of Australia's World Heritage Listed Convict Sites and some great wildlife. But not anymore, today's 'Tassie', as the state is affectionately known, has become an i...

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10 Ways to Prepare for Carnaval in Brazil

When February arrives, there is a buzz throughout Brazil as the time for Carnaval quickly approaches. This is a time of year when people loosen their laces, rules become more like suggestions and things get wild! The actual event of Carnaval is chaotic, vivacious and overwhelming, so it’s best to feel nice and secure with all of your accommodations, belongings and costumes squared away before hand. Check out these ten tips on how to get ready for...

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The 10 Commandments of First Time International Travellers

When taking on the adventure of travelling abroad, here are a few tid-bits of wisdom to help you to be more aware about what you can expect and how you can prepare. Every travel experience will be unique in it’s own way, so get ready to feel alive!   Thy shall mentally prepare oneself for the experience Travelling is no easy task. There’s the language barrier, the exotically dangerous landscapes, the rickety modes of transportation that you’...

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How much does it cost to live in Montreal for one month?

Montreal is one of North America's most culturally rich cities, with no shortage of excellent music, food, and structures that date back as far as the 17th century. It is also quite affordable compared to other centres of comparable size in Canada, making a prime spot to locate for a month or longer.  Here are some details on what to expect cost-wise...    Keeping a roof over your head – your options Hostels: $390 - $885 per month&...

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How Not to Explore Thailand by Scooter

I haven't been on a scooter, moped, dirt bike, or other fuel-propelled two-wheeled machine since I ran into a tree at a friend’s birthday party in fifth grade, but no matter. My partner and her brother are confident I can learn as I go. We want to explore Koh Tao from one end of the island to another. Rural Thailand roads aren’t crowded. Rentals are cheap. How hard can it be? I rent a basic automatic scooter – a Honda “Scoopy” on the menu of bike...

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The Cost of Living in Thessaloniki for one Month

Thessaloniki is rich in Greek history, yet rated by Lonely Planet as one of the top 5 party cities in the world. Thessaloniki is the second city of Greece, and home to hundreds of expats who come from all corners of the world. Thessaloniki is a small, cheap and safe city to live in. Experience a modern lifestyle with ancient historic sites all around you! Expat living has never been so enjoyable! Here’s what to expect to pay when living in T...

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Couch Surfing Etiquette 101

The mindset of your typical couch surfing candidate is one of budget conscious survival, while also seeking a safe place to rest and local insider knowledge from the host. While couch surfers are usually individuals, there are couples and even families who take advantage of the opportunity to save money, connect and share good energy with others who appreciate the nomadic mindset. While the concept of couch surfing can benefit both parties respec...

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