How Much Does It Cost to Live in Hobart for One Month?

The island of Tasmania, 240 kilometres south of the Australian continent, was once seen as an slightly old-fashioned, if beautiful, backwater best known for being home to more than half of Australia's World Heritage Listed Convict Sites and some great wildlife. But not anymore, today's 'Tassie', as the state is affectionately known, has become an i...

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Little Rock for One Month?

Little Rock, Arkansas, is a surprising town that has played its part in both historical and more recent political and social events that impacted on the rest of the America. To say it's had its fair share of scandals is no understatement. From the integration struggles faced by the African American people to today's political environment, Little Ro...

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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Oxford for One Month?

‘City of dreaming spires’, that’s how the 19th century British philosopher Matthew Arnold described Oxford. And, for some people, gaining a place at one of the Oxford University’s colleges, with their honey-stone ‘quads’ or courtyards, exquisite architecture and ancient traditions, is an ultimate aspiration. But today’s Oxford has a lot more to offer than academic study alone. The city is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan, with one of the fastes...

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Fairbanks for One Month

Fairbanks is where warm summer days stay bright for 24 hours, and long cold winter days are dark under a midnight sun. With differences in summer temperatures of 50 to 70 °F and −15 to −25 °F in winter, this is a tale of two cities, depending what time of year you visit.  ‘The Golden Heart City’, has long outlived her heady gold crazed mining days but this frontier town still lays homage to its gold rush heritage. The nickname, ear...

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Wollongong for One Month?

Wollongong is made up of the stuff that world roamers dream of. Geographically, the area can’t be beat—the city is surrounded by gorgeous beaches and rugged mountain range. Culturally, the city is rich, as it has historically attracted people from all over the world searching for work, and presently continues to have an international draw, with a large population of students coming to study abroad. Luckily, for anyone planning on spending some ti...

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The cost of living in Bath for one month

The Romans did it in fine linen towels. Ladies of the Georgian period did it in ankle length dresses. People have flocked to bathe in or ‘take’ the healing waters of Bath since this Spa city, originally called ‘Aquae Sulis’, was first inhabited around 50AD.  But it was the architects of the 18th century who, under the stewardship of Richard ‘Beau’ Nash, played the greatest part in creating the masterpieces that define the city today: Queen S...

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The Cost of Living in Portland for One Month

Thinking of checking out the West Coast, but not necessarily California Dreaming? If your interests lean more toward coniferous forests, gastronomy, bike rides, and rock ‘n’ roll clubs, Portland might be the place for you.   Still situated on the “Left Coast”, but in the diverse and unique Pacific Northwest (PNW) region, Portland combines small town charm with big city excitement. Quirky enough to inspire its own comedic TV series, the ...

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