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Mike James, an independent content writer working together with, Marbella’s longest running real estate agent.
Ibtisaam Ganief can be described in three simple words: Food. Business. Travel. And the best part is, is that he likes to write many wonderful, adjective-filled words about all three of these topics.
Elisa Baroni is a writer, photographer and Vice-president of Pedro-Travel a virtual reality, which deals travel design, photo exhibitions, travel articles and photo reportage around the world. Originally from Milan, Italy, student of ancient literature and archeology. Travels to archaeological excavations in large part of Italy (Etruscan, Roman an...d Greek); she has been in different states of Europe and has lived for one month in Japan. Knowledge of English, Spanish, Latin and Ancient Greek. More
Kamlesh is a blogger and a professional career author with proven expertise in writing for topics related to jobs, job trends, different job opportunities, various workplace and industry information, tips and strategies for job seekers.
Deanne is a dedicated parent, grandparent and author who  plans interesting journeys for clients through her home based travel agency. Having spent over 35 years travelling the world, Deanne is very dedicated to her craft and thrives on sharing her experiences. Deanne’s journeys over the years have enabled her to collect a wealth of knowledge in very remote places. This has in turn allowed her to produce stories that she believes will interest just about everyone but especially an adventurous traveller. Her greatest achievement was to stand on the mound at Base Camp in Tibet and being invited to sit in on a spiritual reading of the Tibetan Monks at Rongbok Monastery at the base of Mt Everest. Musical Theatre has played a large part in her life which is a great help when travelling to European countries that have a long history of both theatre and song. “Travelling several times throughout the year not only provides an opportunity for great stories but in many ways is connected to theatre, especially when visiting countries like the Czech Republic known for the marionettes and Austria with a long history of Opera” she says. Deanne plans to be writing and travelling well into old age, something that has no barriers no matter who you are or what you do. More
Caroline is a long term expat and traveler who has lived in various locations across the world including Asia and the Middle East. Currently writing for Secure Thoughts, her focus is writing about her international experiences and sharing articles and information relevant to expats and travelers.
Michael Hodson was an attorney in the United States until he sold everything and left at the end of 2008 in an attempt to circlet globe without using a single airplane. Sixteen months, six continents, and fifty-four countries later, he succeeded and just kept going. He has been permanently traveling, writing, and taking photographs around the world... ever since. More
Alex is a freelance travel writer and blogger at When he's not climbing mountains or blasting through a country on a motorcycle you may find him living in a beach hut in India. He has been to 40+ countries and counting. Off the beaten path locations is where he is most comfortable.  Originally from Ottawa, Canada Alex so...ld everything he owns and now wanders around as a full time nomad with no base to call home. Living a simple life and inspiring others to do the same through his stories on his blog. Winters are spent on beaches and in the tropics and summers in Europe or North America. More
Alina from UK, travel enthusiast who loves to share her travel stories on different blogs. Presently she working on behalf of Sri Lanka Visa which provides a visa assistance to visit Sri Lanka.
Derek Smith, a teacher and writer, lives in Seattle, Wash. where he wanders the North Cascades and writes about education, faith, gender, travel, and place. He has traveled Mexico, Canada, and Thailand. Most recently he hiked the Kalalau Trail along Kauai’s Na Pali Coast. This fall, winter, and spring he will backpack through Central America. Smit...h has blogged for and Renton Patch. He was recently published in When God Makes Lemonade: True Stories That Amaze and Encourage (Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2013) and Response Magazine (Seattle University, 2012). A blog post on An Urban Teacher’s Education received 6,000 unique hits. Smith has taught high school English for twelve years and has worked with students to produce award-winning newspapers, magazines, and books. A Dow Jones Newspaper Fund Special Recognition Adviser and WJEA’s Journalism Adviser of the Year, Smith speaks at journalism and education conventions around the country. More

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