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Work from Home Career/Job options

Work from Home Career/Job options

Nowadays the times have changed significantly. In earlier days one had to scan through the Sunday newspapers to find lucrative job opportunities to do from home for getting richer quickly. But now there is an explosion of job opportunities for those seeking to work from home. Although there are millions of such lucrative job ads laying just a click of a mouse away, but beware as many of them are scams.


How many scams are out there exactly?

The company Rat Race Rebellion started tracking the number of legitimate at home jobs on the internet in the beginning of 2007. The results were appalling as they found out that for every legitimate job offer there were more than 30 scams out there. And currently after the site scans about 4500 – 5000 ads of working from home jobs every week, the site discovers about 60 to 70 fake ones for every legitimate one. 

But still there are a number of hopeful people out there who think they can beat all odds and make a comfortable living from at home jobs.  And some definitely do find comfortable and legitimate jobs that can be done from the comfort of your own couch and earn a pretty penny. 

As per the recent reports, there are few categories of individuals who prefer this form of career instead of a regular job and have some valid reasoning behind that as well, like:

  • Parents who want to spend time with their kids and also earn a considerable amount to contribute to the family.
  • People with disabilities that don’t allow them to have a regular job
  • Wives of trailing military personnel who because of their partner’s career are required to move quite a lot, after a few years of time.
  • And retirees who simply want to earn some supplemental income.


What do industry experts suggest?


The industry experts are of the view that it is a difficult task to be a good parent and also work from home. Because most job opportunities require people to spend some uninterrupted amount of time to complete certain tasks. But the children’s schedule can be somewhat unpredictable so it might be difficult for parents to have such jobs. Experts recommend that parents should go for deadline oriented rather than schedule oriented hourly jobs. 

The market trends shows that a growing number of minority level workers are getting attracted more towards these lucrative offers. Also most experts are of the belief that socially introvert people make the best candidates for this type of work as this requires minimum social interaction with new people. Bt socially introvert people, they mean people who do not mind working with other people, but prefer interacting with them through telephones and emails and texts rather than interacting with them face to face. These groups of workers believe that other official forms f jobs have a lot of time wasting rituals like meeting and unnecessary social interaction that only affects productivity and are also not comfortable interacting with people in person. 

The key skills one requires to be successful at work from home jobs are discipline, self-motivation and the expertise on the type of work you are doing. Also a sustainable job trend is being seen that an increasing number of employers now prefer telecommuting as a good idea for them. This has its own benefits like,

  • Reduction in overhead costs
  • Exposure to finding fresh new talents easily
  • And allowance to gain access to talented employees who are not available within their locality
  • Helps them retain employees better
  • Offers off-hour support


What is the best Work from Home Career/Job options?

Here is a list of the best work from jobs available easily on the internet at legitimate job sites:

Medical transcriptionist: this job requires the person to listen and type up the dictation given to them from doctors. The job of a medical receptionist is a hard one, as the person on the other side of the phone may be talking to someone else, eating, chewing gum or drinking while giving the dictation or even have an accent. So one needs to listen carefully and good transcriptionists are highly on demand. 

Virtual assistant: one simply needs to all the responsibilities of an assistant but from their home and be available to a company or its clients. 

Translator: people who are fluent in more than one language can earn a considerable amount of money from translating audio files or other documents. And people adept in hard to find languages are very much on demand these days.

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