Canal River Cruising France

5 of the Best Regions to cruise from top to bottom in France. BURGUNDY – FRANCHE-COMTE' The Burgundy regions gentle rivers and canals makes this an ideal setting for a lover of fine wines and gourmet cuisine. Accompanied by stunning scenery, this cruise is one not to be rushed. The river Seille has self- operated locks and well maintained moorings ...

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10 Great Things To Do in Porto
 - Portugal

It has to be said that you cannot miss this iconic structure, no matter where you stand in the hills of Porto. Opened in 1886, it joins the city of Porto on the River Douro and Vila Nova de Gaia. At the time of construction, it held the record for the largest iron arch and longest span bridge in the world. The top level of the bridge is now used fo...

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Ryokans Kyoto Tradition and History in Japan

​Japan is steeped in tradition as Kyoto remains the home of the Geisha still living in ancient Ryokan. The masterful art of woven flooring and ergonomically designed chairs provide the ultimate experience. IKUMATSU Situated in an ideal spot along the Takase River, the ryokan has a colourful history. Named after the Geisha Ikumatse by one of the Mei...

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Travel Abroad – Train Journeys of Asia

FIVE EXCITING RAIL JOURNEYS THROUGH ASIA. Come on a romantic holiday by train, journeying through ancient lands with awe inspiring landscapes. Experience the diverse cultures of Mongolia, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Japan and China, as the clickety clack of the train rolling on the tracks takes you back in time to when this mode of transport was considered a luxury.   THE CULTURAL TRANS MONGOLIAN A tour that leaves from Hong Kong can only be ...

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10 Best Things to do While in Venice

VENICE GHOST TOUR If you think you know Venice then maybe you won’t be surprised to know that it has its own ghosts, some maybe better forgotten. Biasio notorious as the child killer was executed in the main square by beheading and then his body chopped into 4 parts and hung on the four pillars as a reminder to Venetians what would happen to murderers. The beautiful Bovol Staircase is reportedly also haunted and screams heard in the deep of the n...

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10 Exciting Travel and Adventure Activities in Mazatlan Mexico from the Beach to the Sierra Madre Mountains

CANOPY ADVENTURE For the excited spirit a CANOPY ADVENTURE is the ideal way to spend 5 hours of your day. Huana Canopy Adventure is the recommended company for this excursion. The tour begins in a classic Swiss Army Pinzgauer 6x6 which takes you off road from the valley to the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range. As if this isn’t exciting enough you will take on the forest skimming along on 9 ziplines and 12 platforms before testing your...

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The Best Activities in Cabo San Lucas - Mexico

The Mexican Rivera sounds exotic especially when you start thinking about the blue waters of Cabo San Lucas. As a favourite port for International sailors getting away from the winter blues of Europe, cruising to Cabo has to be among the best spots for a complete holiday getaway. Come with me to see that it is not just about trendy shopping and luxury resorts. A playground for water sports and taste treat for lovers of seafood and Margaritas...

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10 Great Reasons to Visit Solomon Islands

Holidaying in the Solomon’s is like stepping back in time. As one of the South Pacific’s most intriguing and yet least explored regions, it is a scattered archipelago of around 1000 islands. The mountainous terrain and low lying coral atolls of Guadalcanal (capital Honiara), Santa Isabel, San Cristobel, Choiseul, Santa Cruz group, Gizo and New Georgia offer great dive spots, eco lodges and restaurants. Isabel province is considered one of the bes...

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11 Best activities in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is a highlight when visiting the Mexican Riviera. Not only is it a clean city but the attractions and activities available are always exciting.Here are my top 10. DISCOVER SIERRA MADRE TRADITIONS and a taste of Mexico This all day tour takes you to Puerto Vallartas southern region. At an elevation of more than 2000 feet, you can visit the 16th century village of El Tuito where you can sample locally made breads, tortillas and many...

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