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Five reasons why Teaching in the UAE is a great idea

Five reasons why Teaching in the UAE is a great idea

Taking to another country for a new job might be taking a big step outside of you comfort zone, as it will take some time for you to get use to your new surroundings and settle into a new way of life, but it might also be one of the best decisions you could make, contributing greatly to your life in more ways than you could have imagined.

According to an article on Nomadic Matt, 'every year, tens of thousands of people go overseas to teach [English]. Young and old, they go for many reasons: to learn about a new culture, make some money to travel, seek adventure, or just experience something new'. And some are just taking a step away from the office they have worked in for the last two decades to try out something new.

The UAE is one of the most sought after places to work, and with its relaxed atmosphere, great salaries, tax-free earnings, competitive packages and more, it's understandable why. And because there are plenty of schools always looking for teachers, means that there are many teaching jobs available and waiting for applications.

In this article we look at why teaching abroad, focusing especially on the UAE, is a great idea.

Salary, Benefits and Saving Money

When teaching in the UAE you will without a doubt be offered a very generous salary and benefits package, according to an article on Foot Prints Recruiting, with many teachers relocating to that part of the world in order to save more money because their earnings will be tax-free. Salaries differ depending on experience and on which school you are applying to, with the high end of the salary scale reaching (approximately) $70 000 - $80 000 US for experienced teachers, and the lowest (approximately) $30 000, without being taxed. But, what's more, the packages offered could include benefits such as free housing (which will depend on your circumstances. 

For example if you are single you might be required to share accommodation with other teachers, or if you have a family you will be offer an apartment or house to yourselves. But, regardless your accommodation and utilities will be covered.), meaning that you could, if you wanted to, put the extra money you would normally spend on rent or a mortgage in to a savings account for the future. Other perks could include return flights - if you apply from your home country you will be flown to the destination you are working in and after every year of work you will be given a flight back (although you will most probably have to pay for the rest of your family's tickets), health insurance that might, if you're lucky, cover your family too, and an end of year bonus which you are entitled to at the end of every 12 months of service, it adds up to one month's salary.

Perfect for Those who like to Travel

Figure 2 Travel and teach, copyright footprintsrecruiting.com

If travelling is one of your passions, after teaching of course, then there is no better place to settle down than in the UAE as you will get to indulge in lots of easily accessible and popular tourist destinations. There are a few factors that enable this magical country to be the perfect place for those who want to spend all of their days off travelling, starting with the fact that you get quite a lot of paid time off and a generous annual travel allowance, according to the Foot Prints Recruiting website. Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports have some of the best international connections and reasonable flight prices in the world which in turn makes travelling to other continents easily accessible for the teachers looking for an international adventure during their time off.

It's a Cultural Hub

The UAE is one of the most international and foreigner-friendly countries in the world, and while working there you will gain amazing international experience different from anywhere else in the world. According to Foot Prints Recruiting 'five out of six residents are international citizens and English is a de facto second language – you'll notice many of the public signs are written in English'. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are both known to be 'world-class metropolises' being home to thousands of expats already happily living and working there. As a cultural hub there are a lot of ways to meet new people and socialise, including groups that offer everything from sports to nightlife. By taking part in there groups you will be able to take advantage of the international feel and diversity of the UAE, meet new people and make friends that have interests in common with you. What's more, you colleagues will most certainly be from across the globe too and you may end up working with people from New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, locals and more.

The Lifestyle Change

Figure 3 Cultural differences are clearly noticeable in the UAE, copyright emigrate2news.files.wordpress.com

You will most certainly encounter a lifestyle change when you move to the UAE, but how significant this change will be will depend on where you are moving from. This change is largely based on multiple aspects of the UAE including culture, weather and religion, as well as smaller aspects such as leisure pursuits and the availability of good quality restaurants, but regardless of how big or small the changes are, there is a high possibility they will contribute only positively on your new life. And because the UAE is one of the best places to relocate to because of its schools, you are almost guaranteed to work at a great school you will be happy at.

You will Grow Personally

There's no doubt that packing up all of your belongings and relocating for a new job – either by yourself or with your family – to a different country is scary. You will be in a place where nothing is familiar to you and you will be further away from your friends and family, as well as everything that represents who you are, but taking your new challenges – such as your new teaching job in the UAE – will help you grow personally. During your free time you might want to visit some of the many historical sites the UAE has to offer, learn about the culture, religion and even learn the basics of Arabic – some of which you will hear about and learn from your new students no doubt.

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