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Finding An Internship In New Zealand

Finding An Internship In New Zealand

One of the best and most cost effective ways of seeing New Zealand is by taking an internship in the country, as it not only allows you to get a good work experience placement in the country, but you will also be able to use your spare time to explore. There are internships available in a wide variety of different industries, with some offering paid positions and others either unpaid or offering accommodation in lieu of payment. The friendly and welcoming people of the country also make most internships in the country a joy, and the chance to gain experience in great surroundings helps to make New Zealand a great destination for your placement.

Accommodation in New Zealand will often be located near some very beautiful parts of the country. Attribution: Jocelyn Kinghorn

Why Take An Internship In New Zealand?

The working culture of New Zealand is one that can really benefit interns, as most staff will approach their work with a can do attitude, and are usually given the responsibility for a task without too much interference from management. This can mean interns can get some great experience here, and working with professionals with experience in an industry can help you to build for your future career as well as enjoying time in the country.

A spirit of teamwork is another aspect of New Zealand working life that makes taking an internship here an attractive prospect, as most interns are welcomed into the working environment and can feel confident that they will be supported if they do need to ask for help or guidance. The friendly working environment means that interns can also get involved with buffets and work events, which really help to share a little of New Zealand's culture as well as learning about the industry.

The business districts of cities such as Christchurch can offer some great internship opportunities. Attribution: Robert Cutts

Different Types Of Internship Work Available

New Zealand has a strong culture of providing internships, and these are available in a variety of different professional industries along with those that do not require particular skills to carry out the work. Taking part in scientific and medical internships are a great way to find out more about how these industries operate in a different country, while it is also possible to work in technical fields such as IT and engineering. If you are looking for an internship that will allow you to work in the spectacular New Zealand outdoors, there are plenty of sports placements available along with roles working in tourism and in environmental research.

Researching Your Internship Provider

Making sure that you will get the most out of your placement is one of the things that you can help to ensure by putting in a little work before you travel. Have a look at the different options in terms of the companies that provide internships, and before you commit to a placement ask if you can speak to one of the company's previous interns. This can help to reassure you that you will be working with a company of repute, and that the work experience that you gain during your internship will be valuable and useful to you in your future career.

Arranging A Visa And Work Permit For Your Internship

In order to be able to undertake an internship placement in New Zealand, you will need to have a work visa which will allow you to carry out your role for the period of your placement. This is generally easier if you are applying for an internship as a part of your studies if you are a student, but others can still obtain work visas which will usually be applicable for the duration of the placement.

It is worth noting, that like many other applications for working visas, that the process can be a little drawn out, and in many cases you will need to provide documents that relate to your finances, medical history and previous work experience. The INZ 1015 form is the Work Visa Application form, and most countries will have a local New Zealand embassy where the documentation will need to be submitted before the visa is approved and you can proceed to take up your placement.

Sorting Accommodation In New Zealand

One of the advantages of taking an internship in New Zealand is that many companies will be able to help you when it comes to arranging your accommodation in the country. While some unpaid placements will cover your accommodation costs, other companies may be able to help you with a subsidized apartment, or can even put you in touch with a local family who can offer you a room. These are usually the best options if your placement provider has these available.

If you do have to arrange your own accommodation, it is worth noting that the South Island generally has the cheaper flats and homes for rent, while prices in Auckland are generally the most expensive in the country. You will have to provide a deposit of up to four weeks' rent, and this is included in a national landlord bond scheme. If you are struggling to find affordable private accommodation, it may be worth asking your internship provider if they have any other interns who will also need somewhere to live who might want to share with you. 

Sports coaching is one type of internship that can be just as valuable for the teams you coach as it is good experience for you. Attribution: Goueg
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