How Much Does It Cost to Live in Hobart for One Month?

The island of Tasmania, 240 kilometres south of the Australian continent, was once seen as an slightly old-fashioned, if beautiful, backwater best known for being home to more than half of Australia's World Heritage Listed Convict Sites and some great wildlife. But not anymore, today's 'Tassie', as the state is affectionately known, has become an i...

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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Mount Gambier for One Month?

Mount Gambier sits on the flatlands near an extinct volcano. The mountain's peak is marked by a 'Centenary Tower', built in 1904, to commemorate the area's first sighting by European explorers. At some 192 metres above sea level, this landmark is the city's highest point. This picturesque south Australian city is a major service provider for the 'L...

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The definitive guide to studying abroad in Cambridge

'Tranquil' is probably the word that best sums up Cambridge. This leading university town, situated in the flat fenlands of East Anglia on the lovely River Cam, has stunning architecture and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. It's an altogether more relaxed place than its rival Oxford. But make sure you never mention the 'O' city here; it is a...

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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Canberra for One Month?

If you're used to chaotic, traffic-snarled capitals, then you're in for a big surprise with Canberra. Created from scratch in the early 20th century, on bush lands originally occupied by the 'Ngunnawal' people, it has all the hallmarks of being a purpose built city designed with mathematical precision. The city's principle architects, Walter and Ma...

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The definitive guide to studying abroad in Manchester

Manchester is England's dynamic northwestern capital.During the 1980s the city transformed itself from a former manufacturing base into the epicentre of the United Kingdom's 'house music' scene, driven by the legendary 'Haçienda Club'. Although that venue is long closed, the party vibe remains ensuring that the city is a highly popular place to study.

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Little Rock for One Month?

Little Rock, Arkansas, is a surprising town that has played its part in both historical and more recent political and social events that impacted on the rest of the America. To say it's had its fair share of scandals is no understatement. From the integration struggles faced by the African American people to today's political environment, Little Ro...

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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Aberystwyth for One Month?

Aberystwyth is often described as the 'jewel' of the west coast of Wales. Nestled between an arc of hills and two beaches, it has a thriving university, the country's National Library, some interesting castle ruins, a pier and a harbor opening to the Irish Sea. It's a popular summer holiday destination for both United Kingdom residents and overseas...

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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Glasgow for One Month?

Glasgow's commanding position on the River Clyde has defined its development over the decades. During the 18th century, with the onset of Britain's Industrial Revolution, the city expanded rapidly. It grew into one of the world's centres for the production of chemicals and textiles and pioneered cutting-edge engineering, especially in shipbuilding....

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The definitive guide to studying abroad in Bath

Bath, with its beautiful Georgian architecture, laid-back vibe and great transport links to London and other parts of the United Kingdom, is a popular choice amongst those seeking to study abroad. Bath has been a highly desirable place to live for centuries, partly due to the supposed 'healing qualities' of its spa waters. It was originally settled...

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Mesa for One Month?

Just west of the incredibly scenic Superstition Mountains, you'll find the city of Mesa. Though Mesa, considered a suburb of Phoenix by some, it is in fact a city with its own identity. As far more than a conference or meeting place, Mesa is a holiday destination in its own right, and an affordable longer stay for many. With two airports servicing ...

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