How Much Does it Cost to Live in Adelaide for One Month?

Adelaide is an oft-forgotten capital in Australia, but that is not to say that it is forgettable. Look on pretty much any list rating world city livability, and Adelaide will surely be somewhere near the top. In fact, it was voted "Most Livable City in Australia" in 2011 by the Property Council of Australia. The city was founded with cultural and r...

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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Brisbane for One Month?

Brisbane, state capital of Queensland, has a lot going for it. Nestled on the banks of the wide and meandering ‘Brisbane River’, the city enjoys a fantastic climate with hot, if rather humid, summers and warm winters. It has beautiful parks and some important historic buildings and structures including ‘Story Bridge’, designed by the architect responsible for the ‘Sydney Harbor Bridge’.  Over the last few years Brisbane has built a reputatio...

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Cairns for One Month?

Cairns is a bit of an anomaly as far as Australian tourism goes. While the state capitals and the areas surrounding them are the obvious destinations for visitors, this regional collection of townships finds itself ranked the fourth most visited city, following Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. This is definitely thanks in part to its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, but Cairns has also figured out how to keep people coming back. The city ...

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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Cardiff for One Month?

Over the past few decades Cardiff, the capital of Wales, has transformed itself from a dingy industrial port city to one of Britain’s leading urban centres.  This metamorphosis was partly driven by the total architectural overhaul of the ‘Cardiff Bay’ area, once the city’s docks. It’s now an ultramodern waterfront that is home to the Welsh Assembly and the Millennium Centre arts complex. Further landmark projects in the Bay area, including t...

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Factors To Consider Before Moving To Live In South Africa

South Africa is a country that has a lot going for it when it comes to a potential destination for expats, and has the largest population of European expats in Africa, with over 200,000 British people alone living there. A variety of climate conditions can be experienced around the country, with many expats preferring the coastal areas which offer plenty of sunshine and beautiful scenery to enjoy. However, South Africa is a country that has a che...

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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Oxford for One Month?

‘City of dreaming spires’, that’s how the 19th century British philosopher Matthew Arnold described Oxford. And, for some people, gaining a place at one of the Oxford University’s colleges, with their honey-stone ‘quads’ or courtyards, exquisite architecture and ancient traditions, is an ultimate aspiration. But today’s Oxford has a lot more to offer than academic study alone. The city is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan, with one of the fastes...

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Juneau for One Month?

Getting to Juneau is half of the adventure. Accessible only by sea or air, Alaska’s seemingly isolated capital is worth the venture. Breathtaking natural beauty, incredibly fresh local seafood, cliff top views, and a small town with a big heart, Juneau is a city full of surprises.  Some come for a short visit to check out Juneau’s job scene and others just to enjoy her incredible beauty. Being a prime tourist destination, it’s no surpri...

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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Edinburgh for One Month?

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland since the 15th century, is one of the most handsome cities in the United Kingdom. It is set against the backdrop of ‘Arthur’s Seat’, a wild and craggy hill that rises dramatically above the city to a height of over 250 metres - in winter it’s often dusted with snow. Edinburgh itself is divided into two distinct areas: the ‘Old Town’, dominated by a medieval fortress including a castle; and the neoclassical ‘New ...

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Gold Coast for One Month?

Gold Coast is a city that truly earned its name. Escaped convicts used to hide in the area, back when the region was settled mostly by penal colonies. Red Cedar forests attracted the industrious in the mid-nineteenth century, and by 1875, the wealthiest residents of nearby Brisbane were coming to the beaches on holiday. Before Gold Coast was officially established, it was a number of communities that eventually became incorporated into the town o...

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Wollongong for One Month?

Wollongong is made up of the stuff that world roamers dream of. Geographically, the area can’t be beat—the city is surrounded by gorgeous beaches and rugged mountain range. Culturally, the city is rich, as it has historically attracted people from all over the world searching for work, and presently continues to have an international draw, with a large population of students coming to study abroad. Luckily, for anyone planning on spending some ti...

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