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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Adelaide for One Month?

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Adelaide for One Month?

Adelaide is an oft-forgotten capital in Australia, but that is not to say that it is forgettable. Look on pretty much any list rating world city livability, and Adelaide will surely be somewhere near the top. In fact, it was voted "Most Livable City in Australia" in 2011 by the Property Council of Australia. The city was founded with cultural and religious freedom, as well as political progressivism in mind, and those ideals continue to drive the proud population.

Today, those who are familiar with Adelaide know that it is indeed highly livable. The people are well educated and love a good glass of locally produced wine, and there is some sort of festival going on seemingly every weekend. Sure, there are foothills and beaches to be explored in the area, but Adelaide is the kind of city that makes you want to stay and explore what the urban landscape has to offer. Great food and drinks are abound, there's a healthy and vibrant nightlife,and a flourishing counterculture to keep things from getting too stuffy. Adelaide gets overshadowed by it's bigger, more popular siblings of Sydney and Melbourne, but that doesn't mean this gem of a city doesn't sparkle.

What is the Cost of One Month of Housing in Adelaide?

A Hostel Dormitory in Adelaide by User Los viajes del Cangrejo on Flickr

If you're a backpacker type of traveller, and your first inclination is to find a cheap hostel, you willnot have too much luck in Adelaide, unfortunately. There are a handful, but not at the dirt cheap rates that you can find in other cities. There is one mixed dorm that goes for $14/night, and prices goes up from there. If you are really committed to a shoestring budget, out of necessity or principle, Adelaide Motel Backpackers will be your spot.

As for hotels, $50-$70/night is the inexpensive range. 80% of the rooms cost between $100-$200/night, so if you are coming to Adelaide to truly live abroad for a month or more, you will definitely save by moving in with roommates or renting your own apartment. There are some good deals on month-long rentals of private bedrooms on AirBnB, going as low as $456/mo, but averaging around $900/month. A private apartment in the city centre averages $1,420/month.

What is the Cost of Transportation for One Month in Adelaide?

Adelaide Tram by User Valter Wei on Flickr

Public transportation services are run by Adelaide Metro, and include busses, trams, and diesel-electric railcars with citywide routes. Single ticket fare during peak hours is $5.10, but the ticket is good for transfer to any bus, tram or train for up to two hours after validation. A great way to save on fares is to get a reloadable Metrocard. These cards are designed to be pre-filled and used to access discounted rates, which could prove economical if you plan on using public transit with some frequency, but not enough to justify purchasing the $117, 28-day pass. If you are coming to Adelaide to study abroad, you can take advantage of the concession discount fares with your student ID.

What is the Cost of Food for One Month in Adelaide?

Inside Adelaide Central Market by User Keith Survell on Flickr

Adelaide's dining scene is quietly blowing up, so there is no shortage of restaurants to try. Though, if you are traveling on a budget, this is likely where you will begrudgingly spend a good chunk of your change. While there are a some spots to sit down and fill up for close to the $10 mark, most "inexpensive" sit down restaurants will cost about $17 for a meal. One delicious, affordable and unique spot to try is Parwana Afghan Kitchen, which is a local favorite.

If you usually save money by cooking at home, you might find that it is hardly worth the hassle—the basic staple food of penny pinchers, rice, costs an average of $3.53/kg. The Central Market is open from Tuesday to Saturday, and have hundreds of vendors selling everything from fresh produce to fine cured meats, but this is definitely a more high-end experience than other outdoor markets. 

What is the Cost of Entertainment for One Month in Adelaide?

Bacchus Wine Bar by User Michael Coghlan on Flickr

Adelaide offers an excellent nightlife, and you should certainly get out and be part of it. Take in some live music at the historical Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, or "The Gov.", as the locals call it. Here, you can get down on some pub grub before catching a cool concert. For a more mellow night, slide into a wine bar and sample the strong juice produced by some local wineries.

If going out is not your thing, you can take yourself on a date to the movies for $19.50. A great daytime activity is to visit the Art Gallery of South Australia. General admission in free, and the collection is one of the best in Australia. 



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