How to find affordable student housing in Europe

Europe is a prominent place, so it's no wonder that the cost of living can vary dramatically from place to place. The relatively new countries to the EU are much cheaper places to live than the more established members of the European Union. Cities like London and Paris can be very expensive to live in, and the price of food is so variable across Europe from country to country as well as from city to city.

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Fairbanks for One Month

Fairbanks is where warm summer days stay bright for 24 hours, and long cold winter days are dark under a midnight sun. With differences in summer temperatures of 50 to 70 °F and −15 to −25 °F in winter, this is a tale of two cities, depending what time of year you visit.  ‘The Golden Heart City’, has long outlived her heady gold crazed mining days but this frontier town still lays homage to its gold rush heritage. The nickname, ear...

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Juneau for One Month?

Getting to Juneau is half of the adventure. Accessible only by sea or air, Alaska’s seemingly isolated capital is worth the venture. Breathtaking natural beauty, incredibly fresh local seafood, cliff top views, and a small town with a big heart, Juneau is a city full of surprises.  Some come for a short visit to check out Juneau’s job scene and others just to enjoy her incredible beauty. Being a prime tourist destination, it’s no surpri...

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The Cost of Living in Portland for One Month

Thinking of checking out the West Coast, but not necessarily California Dreaming? If your interests lean more toward coniferous forests, gastronomy, bike rides, and rock ‘n’ roll clubs, Portland might be the place for you.   Still situated on the “Left Coast”, but in the diverse and unique Pacific Northwest (PNW) region, Portland combines small town charm with big city excitement. Quirky enough to inspire its own comedic TV series, the ...

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The Cost of Living in New Delhi For One Month

In a heavily populated country such as India, the cost of living varies from place to place, person to person. The cost of living in New Delhi, and similar bustling metropolitan cities, is surprisingly inexpensive for those who plan to study abroad or volunteer abroad in New Delhi. Expats in India tend to be well paid, and job opportunities in New Delhi are abundant. For expats who pursue freelance work, money can stack up quickly.  Luxuries...

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