Embracing The Cuisine In Seoul

One of the best things about traveling and exploring a new country is the opportunity to try the food, and there are certainly plenty of different dishes to try for those who are arriving in Seoul for the first time. Many people will only know one ingredient from South Korean cuisine, and there is no doubt that fermented vegetables that are collectively known as kimchi do play a prominent role in the traditional food enjoyed in Seoul. However, th...

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Fairbanks for One Month

Fairbanks is where warm summer days stay bright for 24 hours, and long cold winter days are dark under a midnight sun. With differences in summer temperatures of 50 to 70 °F and −15 to −25 °F in winter, this is a tale of two cities, depending what time of year you visit.  ‘The Golden Heart City’, has long outlived her heady gold crazed mining days but this frontier town still lays homage to its gold rush heritage. The nickname, ear...

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Gastronomic Tour de France – The Best Specialty Dishes Across France

French cuisine is revered worldwide for its quality ingredients, succulent flavours and textures and a devoted appreciation for delicious food. With over a hundred different types of cheese, France has several regions within the country that each possess their own culinary specialties and ingredients specific to their area.  If you are a dedicated foodie, you most likely have already been or are dreaming of one day heading to France to dine ...

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Conquering the Culinary Domain Abroad

Whether you’re at a restaurant or trying to navigate the local markets for something edible, dealing with foreign food can be tricky. We come across some interesting meal options and strange ingredients while we are travelling abroad, but that’s no cause for alarm. There are several ways that you can make your tummy feel terrific, most of which won’t break the bank like special ordering your native comfort food all the way to your new home would....

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Decoding Reunionese Food

Reunion Island is a French Island located to the East of Madagascar. The culture of Reunion is a mixture of French, Chinese, Indian and African, particularly Malagasy influences from nearby Madagascar.  In the 15th and 16th centuries, Reunion Island was a French colony that was on the path of the Indian spice trade route, which made it a convenient resting point for travellers coming from Africa. The wealthy sea-goers recognized the bea...

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Decoding North-eastern Brazilian Food

Brazil is a country that is almost as big as a continent, which means that there is a lot of diversity throughout the different areas. Language, culture and cuisine all vary depending on the region, but Brazilian cuisine as a whole takes its major influences from Europe and Africa, but there are such a plethora of immigrant influences on the culture that the cuisine has evolved into its own national flavour.     Two of the mos...

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Decoding Dim Sum

Originating from the Cantonese in Southern China, dim sum is a communal cuisine distinguished by small dishes of dumplings, buns and many other varieties of tasty morsels usually served in three or fours. Back in ancient times, traders and travellers along the Silk Road would practice the tradition of tea tasting while they rested along their journeys, a ritual known as yum cha. Though it was initially believed that people would gain weight ...

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