Decoding Dim Sum

Originating from the Cantonese in Southern China, dim sum is a communal cuisine distinguished by small dishes of dumplings, buns and many other varieties of tasty morsels usually served in three or fours. Back in ancient times, traders and travellers along the Silk Road would practice the tradition of tea tasting while they rested along their journeys, a ritual known as yum cha. Though it was initially believed that people would gain weight ...

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Eating Abroad: How to Navigate the Filipino Menu

If you've ever met a Filipino family, chances are you were immediately asked whether or not you were hungry and despite your polite ‘no’ they still brought out a large selection of edibles. Filipino culture prizes hospitality and community and what better way to bring people together than delicious cuisine? Filipinos even have an extra meal called merienda, which is a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, a tradition also practiced in Southern...

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