Decoding Reunionese Food

Reunion Island is a French Island located to the East of Madagascar. The culture of Reunion is a mixture of French, Chinese, Indian and African, particularly Malagasy influences from nearby Madagascar.  In the 15th and 16th centuries, Reunion Island was a French colony that was on the path of the Indian spice trade route, which made it a convenient resting point for travellers coming from Africa. The wealthy sea-goers recognized the bea...

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Decoding North-eastern Brazilian Food

Brazil is a country that is almost as big as a continent, which means that there is a lot of diversity throughout the different areas. Language, culture and cuisine all vary depending on the region, but Brazilian cuisine as a whole takes its major influences from Europe and Africa, but there are such a plethora of immigrant influences on the culture that the cuisine has evolved into its own national flavour.     Two of the mos...

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