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How to find affordable student housing in Europe


Europe is a prominent place, so it's no wonder that the cost of living can vary dramatically from place to place. The relatively new countries to the EU are much cheaper places to live than the more established members of the European Union. Cities like London and Paris can be very expensive to live in, and the price of food is so variable across Europe from country to country as well as from city to city.

According to the British Council, students in the United Kingdom require roughly £500- £800 per month to live on, which includes food, housing, clothing, and other expenses. This is not always the case in other countries. For example, a year of student living in the UK costs four times as much as a year of a student living in Germany. So, with that in mind, let's see how you can look for the perfect student accommodation for you, along with some tips!

How to look for university accommodation in Europe

Staying in university halls of residence is likely to be the best option for postgraduate students who have chosen to travel abroad. They are usually near the university campus and come with an en suite bathroom, a single bedroom, or a studio (includes the same as the en suite with a kitchen section). Canteens – which serve meals – or communal kitchens – which can be used to prepare your own food – are available in these flats or apartments.

So, before you embark on your European adventure, make sure you familiarise yourself with some of the recipes you'll need to prepare in a communal kitchen. More information about the university's halls of residence can be found on its website, which may include descriptions of where the halls are located.

How to find private student accommodation in Europe

The majority of students in the past years have usually chosen to live in private accommodation in London, Glasgow and other such student hubs. It is possible to rent a space on one's own or share one with other students. Sharing may help you save some extra money while also being social. You usually have your own bedroom, but you share a shower, kitchen, and eating space with others. Private accommodations are also accessible across Europe, particularly in large cities and towns in the United Kingdom. They provide shared studio apartments or twin rooms in convenient locations near universities and in the city centre. They also offer a student common area, and all costs are included in the price, so it's a quick and easy method to find a room that you'll like.

Tips for finding student accommodation in Europe

Know your contacts

Your first stop should be to your university's housing office to discover what, if any, rooms are available. Even if you're going to your first choice, other factors may prevent you from getting a place in university housing, such as your parents residing within a particular radius.

Some universities have connections with private hall providers and can send you in the correct direction. If not, inquire about assistance and advice from their student housing service.

Look for roommates

You might choose to wait until you get to your new quarters to find out who you'll be staying with. On the other hand, some students choose to find their own flatmates to ensure that they are living with someone who shares their interests.

You can utilize various resources to identify other like-minded students and see if they'd be willing to share a flat with you, such as university Facebook groups or your college/uni accommodation forum. Universities will occasionally provide you with access to an intranet where you can meet other students on your course.

Finding your own flatmates will make you feel much more at ease when you move into your new place and will help you adjust to your new surroundings much more quickly.

Comprehend how you want to live

Unless you don't mind walking or using the bus, you'll probably want to live close to university if you're not living on campus. It's also vital to consider what kind of living environment you'd be happy in — for example, would you be fine sharing a bathroom with 3-4 people?

If you don't want to live in a dorm or share a kitchen with a bunch of strangers, private halls can provide studios or shared flats where you can live alone or with a couple of other individuals.

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