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10 Tips for Remote Work While Traveling Abroad


Many people dream to travel and work remotely. The brave ones achieve those dreams. They head off into the world, exploring new countries and exotic cultures. But they don't leave things to chance. Brave dreamers also know how to plan. They make sure to work while traveling, so they could make their nomadic lifestyle sustainable.

If you're aiming for such a goal, you have to be organized. "I have no idea how many bags I had, I don't know how I'll support myself once my savings are gone, or worse - all my stuff, and I need to think how to find my Mac after I left the airport." You don't want that scenario. You want this to be an adventurous experience, but it still has to be safe.

We'll give you tips on how to work while traveling, so you'll support a comfortable lifestyle. 

  • Explore the Freelancing Industry

Finding work while traveling may be difficult, especially if you plan to explore third-world countries. It's not like employers from all around the world are expecting foreigners to give them short-term jobs.

Writers, programmers, photographers, graphic designers, and other categories of freelancers can easily travel and work remotely. Try to develop such a career and when you're sure that it earns you well, you can book your first trip.

  • Pack Lightly

You'll be on the move, all the time. Your laptop is the only mandatory equipment you need. As for clothes and toiletries, minimalism is the best solution.

Pack only the necessities. You won't need video games, several pairs of fancy shoes, and your entire wardrobe when you plan to become a digital nomad.

  • Choose Your Accommodation Based on the WiFi Connection

Remote travel is dependent on a stable Internet connection. If you go to Bolivia, you'll want to explore the most distant places away from modern civilization. But that means no Internet and no work.

Settle for accommodation in a zone that's well-connected! From there, you'll explore the areas with no connection on weekends.

  • Negotiate Things with Your Employer

You can't go idle for a week and then say "I'm in Vietnam right now, I'll have to take less work from now on."

You must negotiate with your employer before you leave, so they will be aware of your new schedule. They should be aware of your working hours, since the time zones will change.

  • Achieve a Balance between Working and Traveling Abroad

Freedom is the point of a nomadic lifestyle. You'll need to fit in some work in your schedule, but it mustn't take your entire time. You'll have to reach the right balance.

Figure out how much money you'll need to cover the accommodation and lifestyle expenses in the country you're visiting. How much time do you need to make that money? Then, plan your work in a way that allows for some freedom.

  • You Still Need to Pay Your Taxes

You plan to do some freelance work in Germany so you think that you're not tied to U.S. regulations? You're wrong. If you pay taxes in the country where you travel, you still need to file with the IRS, so you'll prove that you already covered the income tax.

  • Be Aware of Your Visa Conditions

If you plan to get a "real" job with a local employer when you travel and work abroad, you must be aware of your visa allowances and limitations. You need a specific work visa, which will regulate your rights as a foreign employee.

  • Find a Good Coworking Space

If you settle for modest accommodation, it will be loud. It won't exactly provide you with the perfect working conditions. Coworking spaces are available all over the world. Check your options and join a coworking space ahead, so you'll know where you'll be working while traveling.

  • Find Your Community

The coworking space will help you establish a support community. You'll have who to talk to, and your new friends will assist with the challenges you face as a foreigner. If you don't join such a space, you still need your community. Ask around to see if there are other digital nomads, who would like to network and explore the place together.

  • Give Up on Your Distractions

Your schedule will be busy. You'll be either working or exploring your destination. You won't have time for your favorite TV shows. You should find time for chats with family and friends online, but don't get carried away for hours. Limit your presence on social media, too. There's a smarter way to use your free time now.

You can do this! When you start living the life of a digital nomad, you'll explore a whole new level of excitement. You'll discover a new you

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