The Cost of Living in Thessaloniki for one Month

The Cost of Living in Thessaloniki for one Month

Thessaloniki is rich in Greek history, yet rated by Lonely Planet as one of the top 5 party cities in the world. Thessaloniki is the second city of Greece, and home to hundreds of expats who come from all corners of the world. Thessaloniki is a small, cheap and safe city to live in. Experience a modern lifestyle with ancient historic sites all around you! Expat living has never been so enjoyable!

Here’s what to expect to pay when living in Thessaloniki for one month…


The cost of housing in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki has several types of accommodation. The best way to experience some Greek culture and hospitality they are famous for is to live with family or find a homestay opportunity, these can cost as little as $60 per night and as much as $140 per night - which is perfect for short term travellers or those who want to complete a short-term volunteer abroad program.

Let’s take a look at the different types of accommodation in Thessaloniki...

  • Guesthouses: $17 - $160 per night
    • Guesthouses in Thessaloniki have similar prices to hotels. While some offer cheaper rates for guests who intend to stay long term, most places only charge on a nightly basis.
  • Hostels: $12.60 - $32 per night
    • Hostels are a cheap option for accommodation in Thessaloniki, however, geared less towards the expat and more towards the passing traveller. Prices vary depending on whether you will stay with other guests or stay in a private room.
  • Apartments: $335 - $464 per month
    • For long term stay, apartments are a really inexpensive option. Apartment prices vary, based on whether they are furnished, unfurnished, or serviced apartments. Serviced apartments often include amenities such as free Wi-Fi and food delivery options - much like a hotel.
  • Hotels: $14 - $134 per night
    • Hotels are a quick fix for any traveller or expat. Even the cheapest hotels are found to be well kept and offer great amenities. The more expensive hotels are luxurious, and have the most beautiful seascape views. 
  • Bed & Breakfast / Inns: $17 - $75 per night
    • Bed and breakfasts are few and far between in Thessaloniki, but offer cheap rates and comfortable accommodation whether you are just passing through, or staying long-term.


How much does food cost in Thessaloniki?

b2ap3_thumbnail_image003_20150116-073600_1.jpgFood is delicious and inexpensive in Thessaloniki. There’s no end to the variety of flavor and price, when it comes to Greek food. In the business district, a full meal can cost as much as $14.50. Dinner at a nearby pub will cost about $15. But the best part is that groceries cost only $67 per month, for one person. 1 kg of tomatoes (2 lbs) costs about $1.70. 1 quart of milk costs $1.50, and 1 dozen (12) eggs, cost $3.90.


How much does transportation cost in Thessaloniki?


Thessaloniki is known for being a major Greek transportation hub… That means there are many methods of transportation. The most famous is the metro system. For one month, a ticket to ride the metro bus costs $36. Per day it costs $1.20, which is why it’s best to get the monthly pass. 1 gallon of gas costs approximately $35.75, and a taxi ride of 5 miles one-way, will cost about $14.50.


Healthcare in Thessaloniki

Buying prescription drugs costs 75% less in Thessaloniki, than it does in the United States. That means if you paid $200 a month for a prescription. Public healthcare in Greece, is unfortunately suffering, as Greece is struggling to keep up with Western medical standards. Expats and travellers are recommended to seek medical attention through a private hospital. Travellers and expats are also advised to have travel insurance, as medical bills can be extremely costly. One visit to the doctor can cost $60, without tests or prescriptions.


The average cost of entertainment in Thessaloniki


Entertainment is easy to find in Thessaloniki. At a fancy cafe, a cappuccino will cost about $4.10. Dinner for two, at a local pub, costs about $30. 2 tickets to the movies costs about $18, while 2 tickets to the theater costs $49 for the best seats. 

If you prefer the club scene, cover price at a high-class club is $10. 1 mixed drink at that club is about $10.75 - but if you prefer beer, you’ll be paying around $5 flat.


Volunteer abroad in Thessaloniki

Most volunteer opportunities in Thessaloniki are free. Many free programs include cleaning up the city, working with orphans or school-age children and even taking care of marine life or working at the local animal shelter. Most of these programs do not include housing or accommodation, therefore do not include a fee. Some opportunities include tours as part of the volunteering package, and fees can cost as much as $2000. 


What to expect as an expat in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a natural beauty, and a cheap and peaceful place for any expat to live. In Thessaloniki, you will experience the richest Greek culture, as well as a modern and upbeat lifestyle. Travellers and tourists come through all the time, and locals are known for their friendly and hospitable nature. Many travellers report their vacation in Thessaloniki turning into a staycation - It’s just that great!


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HelpGoAbroad Ltd. on Monday, 31 August 2015 10:07

Groceries for one month $67 USD?? Is that for real?

Ive never been in Thessaloniki but it seems very low. Are you including a "whole set of groceries"?

Groceries for one month $67 USD?? Is that for real? Ive never been in Thessaloniki but it seems very low. Are you including a "whole set of groceries"?
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17 August 2022

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