Corfu’: Nausicaa's Island

When Odysseus sank upon Palaiokastritsa’s coasts, he suddenly saw a natural paradise island.Corfù, in greek Κέρκυρα (Kerkira), is an island soak by the Ionian Sea, in front of Epiro’s coasts,at the border between Greece and Albania. The chief town was founded with the name of Corcira around 700 b.c. thanks to Illyrians clan of Liburnian; after this event, Corfù during his history passed from one domination to another: Rome, Bisanzio, Maritim...

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The Cost of Living in Thessaloniki for one Month

Thessaloniki is rich in Greek history, yet rated by Lonely Planet as one of the top 5 party cities in the world. Thessaloniki is the second city of Greece, and home to hundreds of expats who come from all corners of the world. Thessaloniki is a small, cheap and safe city to live in. Experience a modern lifestyle with ancient historic sites all around you! Expat living has never been so enjoyable! Here’s what to expect to pay when living in T...

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Finding Internships In Greece

When one thinks of Greece, images of towering temples with statues of the ancient gods might come to mind, or perhaps the colorful synchronization of the white and blue architecture of Santorini is where you find your mind wandering off. Regardless of what images first spring to your imagination, turn that daydream into a reality by pursuing an internship in Greece.     What is it like in Greece? Located in Southern Europe, Greece serve...

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Top Five Summer Travel Destinations

Whether you want mountain, beach, seclusion, or crazy crowds, this list covers the top destinations for the summer of 2014. If you are a traveling family, then the summer season might be your best chance to get away. If you are single or a couple, then the hot weather might be begging you to take a break from your life to find other adventures. Summer brings out sunshine, longer days, and a thirst for exploration.  Each of the following...

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