Traveler’s Guide: 3 Hacks To Beat LAX Inconveniences

Are you're heading towards LAX? Does it make you nervous? And do you prefer not to travel just only because of the inconveniences? Then this piece of writing is going to fascinate you the most. Consequently, it would make accessible for you to checkout from the airport without facing any hassle.

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5 Unique Facts About Iranian Culture You Didn’t Know

Being dominated by Muslim since 1979, Iran wholeheartedly follows edicts given by the strict Islamic clerics. However, the culture of this nation is quite westernized and exciting. So, if you had any idea till date that the Iranian culture is generally radical and Iranian people are absolutely devout, you are absolutely wrong!

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Get Paid to Travel - Become a Travel Writer

Do you love to write? Have you always wanted to see the world? Why not combine those two passions and become a travel writer? This job is incredibly rewarding and is a career that you can make a good living at )as long as you work hard enough) and enjoy your time seeing other cities and countries.

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The Nine Tastes Of Britain You’ll Miss Most While You’re Away

When we go on our travels the whole idea is to broaden our horizons, to open ourselves up to new experiences and to live in different cultures. But, however much we do find ourselves doing this, there's always going to be that hankering for the things we enjoy at home – and perhaps nothing does this quite as much as food. That's because it's more than just what we eat to live, it's also loaded with memories and significance for us.

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The Best Cities to Travel to For a Student in China

It can be a pleasant experience traveling in China as a student. The country is diverse in its culture, people, and landscapes. And although historical sites in China such as the Great Wall, Emie Shan, Yangshuo are incredibly popular sites for travelers, Chinese cities are where the real magic happens.

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How to Survive Cultural Shock When Going Abroad

Out of the many challenges students face when they study abroad, cultural shock can definitely be one of these. If you are about to move abroad for studying, you may experience the so-called "cultural shock", an initial sense of disorientation due to the impact on the new cultural and social environment in which you moved. But don't worry, below you will find some tricks to overcome it!

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10 Things Expats Need to Know About the Weather and Wildlife in the US

Expats moving to the US from countries with mild climates might not be prepared for some of the severe weather conditions found in the States. They are also often unaccustomed to the local wildlife they may encounter in their new home.

So, who do you call or what do you do if you stumble across a bear in one of America's many national parks, or hear an earthquake warning? To reveal the answer, below are 10 things you need to know about the weather and wildlife in the US.

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How Social Media Can Help You Save Money While Traveling

What would you do if you had a million dollars? Most of the people would quit their job and travel around the world because it is arguably the best experience one can have. If you have found this article, you share this position as well. Welcome, a fellow fan of travel, we are going to share some good tips on how to travel cheaper in this article.

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8 Travel Experiences Everyone Should Try

Travel is a broad church. It can involve everything from daytrips and weekends in the country, to full-blown globetrotting adventures. If you're one of the many people for whom wanderlust is a regular feeling, then narrowing down what kind of travel experience to try next can be a frustrating task. For those with a love of exploration, here are a few travel experiences that everyone should aim to try at least once.

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How to Enjoy a Sober Vacation at the Beach

If you're in addiction recovery, you may be concerned that a beach vacation is out of the question, but that simply isn't true. While many people see vacations as an opportunity to drink as much as they want, that isn't really what they're about. The true purpose of a vacation is to provide you with an opportunity to rest, reconnect, play, brainstorm, and rejuvenate. Don't think of sobriety as an end to having fun. Sobriety can enhance your vacation, and you'll see that you don't need drugs or alcohol to enjoy yourself.

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