5 Unique Facts About Iranian Culture You Didn’t Know

iran culture

Being dominated by Muslim since 1979, Iran wholeheartedly follows edicts given by the strict Islamic clerics. However, the culture of this nation is quite westernized and exciting. So, if you had any idea till date that the Iranian culture is generally radical and Iranian people are absolutely devout, you are absolutely wrong!

You'll certainly not go through any culture shock while being in Iran as their culture is quite transparent. Yes, like any other foreign country, you should always maintain some safety measures if you go to Iran for a vacation.

However, Let's talk about some aspects of the Iranian culture which will certainly leave you awestruck!!

Want to know more about the same?

Then, here is a list of such distinctive facts about Iran's culture.

Have a look! 

1. The unique 'Rich Kids of Tehran'

Haven't you heard about 'Rich kids of Tehran' yet? Then, you must know that it is nothing but the rich and wealthy children of Tehran showing off their extravagant lifestyles which tend to be as wealthy as other western counterparts. It is one of the significant yet shoddy facts about Iranian culture.

Moreover, you can check out such a show off of the ostentatious lifestyles of the children of Tehran in Instagram even. But, unlike the western lifestyles, the maximum part of what's shown in Iran is completely illegal. 

2. The Bootleg westernized films are popular

Before Ayatollah Khomeini came to power, Iranian people used to watch American films a lot. In fact, they love such films! But, after this declaration from him that those films will be banned as they glorify western culture a lot, Iranians smuggle the bootleg copies of such films and watch them while being concealed.

3. Video games are used as tools by Government

When the rest of the world play video-games for fun, the Iranians use that as an integral part of the 'soft' cultural war. The Iranian government always tried to use video games so that they can inspire the young generations of Iranians.

For example, there is a Government funded game available in Iran which signifies the fatwa against the famous author Salman Rushdie. It summarizes nothing but his strenuous life and employment of his Verdict. 

4. The young generation at Iran fights for change.

Well, more than 60% of the Iranian population consists of the people under 40. And, these people are highly influenced by the Westernized society and their morals have got a huge impact form the western culture.

So, if the younger generation of Iran continues to think and act likewise in the future then there would be certainly a power shift without any doubt. 

5. Human Trafficking is taking the toll

Yes! Unfortunately, the fact is true enough that since the year 2006, Iran has got the lowest possible rating for handling human trafficking. The country is not at all safe in this context. There are about 35,000-50,000 girls being trafficked in Tehran during the past a few years who are compelled to work in the streets, shops and so on.

In addition to that, the saddest part is that Iranian government is not much concerned of all these that is happening and doesn't prefer to take eminent steps to stop such rampant abuses. 

6. Iranians love western countries

You, being an American or a Westerner, might think that as because the former president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad had spread hatred against America or Israel, Iranians aren't having a very pleasant mindset about you.

But, No!! That's not the truth. This kind of perception exists only among a very small section of people in Iran but the rest of the country is having a good perception of the westerners. This is not the end! Almost 51% of the Iranian people when being polled claimed that they love America. Also, it has been estimated that approximately two-thirds of the Iranians want that the consular bonds should be renewed with America. 

7. General Iranians don't accept their government

Though it is not acceptable that anyone criticizes their government in Iran. But, the experts have noticed a peculiar fact over the time which is that the general people in the country don't approve their government happily.

However, the people from Iran who don't continue to stay in their homeland after a certain period of time often feel scared of shouting out any negative opinion. But, those who are brave enough to speak out frequently claim that there are many people in the country who don't trust ayatollah anymore. Wondering what does it mean? Well, Ayatollah stands for nothing but the government which controls them.

Winding Up

Finally, I hope that whatever you read above has revealed some surprising facts about Iran to you. Isn't it? But, I would definitely like to clear out one fact that a few of the aforementioned negative realities which are listed out don't make Iran a wrong place to visit. If you want you can book your tickets soon and I am sure that you'll have some of the best travel experiences ever. Every country has their own pros and cons and even Iran has a lot of the extraordinarily fantastic things to unfold for you!



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06 July 2022

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