Top 10 Safety Tips for Traveling Abroad

It's important to stay safe with travel safety tips no matter where you are heading around the world. Not only is exploring a new area intimidating, but it can also mean that you're not used to your surroundings. Whether you're on a trip to work as a volunteer or you are a student or even if you are just taking an extended vacation, being smart about where you go and who you trust while traveling, you can have an all-around good time.

When you choose to travel international to a new or unfamiliar country, oftentimes there will be international travel tips for safety posted everywhere you turn. Keep these tips in mind when it comes time to take off and head to your new home or vacation spot. 

1. Separate Your Cash and Cards

Instead of keeping everything in one area, place some cash in your suitcase, in your wallet and in another safe place. Additionally, spread your cards around evenly to the same areas. This ensures that you always have your cash on hand, no matter what happens.

2. Scan Your Passport and Other Identifying Items

This is one of the biggest vacation safety tips. Instead of waiting around for a couple of months to get a new passport or other documents, using scanned copies can also provide you with a way to have the proper ID while out and about. Keeping scanned copies in cloud storage is a great way to have access to them, no matter where you are.

3. Get Traveler's Insurance

Traveler's insurance is good to have in case something happens. Having this coverage will ensure that you're covering in medical or other emergency events, should something happen. It is affordable and can be provided to you for the length of your stay while traveling abroad.

4. Keep Your Hands Safe

While, you don't have to use nitrile gloves everywhere, it is important to carry some around with you in cases that you may need them. Some like to use them in public restroom areas, others may have to move something out of the road or even pet stray animals. These gloves will come in handy in more than one way.

5. Keep Track of All Emergency Numbers Abroad

This will cut back on the time it takes you to find them, especially in an emergency. If you have them stored on your phone, make sure to also write them down. Some even tape a copy of the numbers to the inside of their wallet or passport for safe keeping and a way to quickly be reminded of them.

6. Stay Healthy While Abroad

It is important to bring all your medications needed while abroad, while also getting the necessary shots and vaccines. You want to protect yourself as much as possible and with the right medical measures, you can.

7. Never Carry Anything in Your Back Pocket

This is the best way for someone to slip something out without you knowing. Keeping your items in a purse that you can put towards your front, or in your front pocket deep inside are the best ways to go. You never know who might be sneaky!

8. Research Where You Stay

It is always a good idea to research where you're going to stay for the night. Of course, if it is a business travel trip, this is always done for you and not one of the business travel safety tips to be concerned with. However, if you're not then make sure to do so before booking.

9. Plan Your Stay and Update Friends and Family

Have an itinerary set out and make sure to share it with an emergency contact. Leave this contacts name in all your items. Should something happen to you while abroad, you want to make sure they're notified as soon as possible.

10. Choose Ground Transportation Wisely

There are many forms of transportation in many countries. It is important to choose ones that are trustworthy, can understand you and provide a way for you to get to where you need to go, without getting lost. All too often travelers find themselves getting threatened into giving all their money by not choosing ground transportation wisely.

Visiting many countries around you is a great thing to do and strongly encouraged. However, you want to do so safely. Using these travel security tips, everyone can stay safe and have a great time!

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17 August 2017
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