Top 10 Travel Accessories for GoPro

If you haven’t heard of the popular action camera known as GoPro, you must have been purposely avoiding technology. When founder Nick Woodman wanted to capture quality surfing footage that he couldn’t seem to get one way or another, he was determined to create a system that could capture angles and shots that looked professional, hence the name “GoPro”. The first GoPro compact digital video camera was released in 2006, and since then Woodman Labs...

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Doing Laundry While Abroad

Whether you’re working on a farm in Nicaragua living in dirt stained thrift store coveralls or supervising as a French country club manager with a pristine uniform, you’ll find that you will inevitably need to bring out the suds and do some laundry.  But depending on the ethnic, economic and environmental situation you may find yourself in, laundry may not be what it was back home. In the modernized world, washing machines are a dime a dozen...

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The Best Cameras For Travelling

Taking photos of your travels is a visual diary that you will be grateful for when nostalgia for foreign lands kicks in. The sensual indulgence that occurs while travelling abroad can be electric, breathtaking and irreplaceable. From the sizzling Spanish tapas you recently dined on to the extra-terrestrial viewing of the Northern Lights, there are special moments that you’ll want to capture for your memories. Although writing about your adventure...

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Navigating Medellín’s Innovative Transportation System

In the year 2012, the Wall Street Journal crowned Medellín as the most innovative city in the world. Colombia’s second largest city was chosen amongst a list of 200 progressive cities across the globe, and was chosen other finalists such as New York City and Tel Aviv. The driving force in Medellín’s victory was its slick and ingenious transportation system; Metro de Medellín carries over 500,000 passengers per day, and integrates seamlessly with ...

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The 10 Commandments of First Time International Travellers

When taking on the adventure of travelling abroad, here are a few tid-bits of wisdom to help you to be more aware about what you can expect and how you can prepare. Every travel experience will be unique in it’s own way, so get ready to feel alive!   Thy shall mentally prepare oneself for the experience Travelling is no easy task. There’s the language barrier, the exotically dangerous landscapes, the rickety modes of transportation that you’...

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Tricks to Survive Long Layovers

Layovers are necessary means of getting to where we need to go, whether its five incredibly long and inconvenient layovers on budget flights, or a simple refuel stop over, each layover is an opportunity to explore new places. Layover time is time that you can utilize to learn about another country or region, not to mention you can also do certain activities to enhance your mental and physical health.     Check in First and foremost, mak...

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How Not to Explore Thailand by Scooter

I haven't been on a scooter, moped, dirt bike, or other fuel-propelled two-wheeled machine since I ran into a tree at a friend’s birthday party in fifth grade, but no matter. My partner and her brother are confident I can learn as I go. We want to explore Koh Tao from one end of the island to another. Rural Thailand roads aren’t crowded. Rentals are cheap. How hard can it be? I rent a basic automatic scooter – a Honda “Scoopy” on the menu of bike...

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Visiting Medellín, Colombia: A Beginner’s Guide (Part 2)

So you’re visiting Medellín for a while. You saw the Christmas lights. You stared into the night sky at Plaza de la Luz, rode the San Javier open air escalators, and toured four or five of the Parque Bibliotecas. You rode the metrocable to Mazaanti’s Parque Biblioteca España and hiked Parque Arví. You’ve done it all. Now you’re ready to experience more of the city, a town former Mayor Luis Perez called “an urban poem.” Here are three parks, three...

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Visiting Medellín, Colombia: A Beginner’s Guide (Part 1)

You’re in Medellín for a while. Before you settle in your hostel or apartment, or throw yourself head first into a new job, or begin your studies at the Universidad de Medellín, get to know your nook of the city and its surrounding neighborhoods. Here’s how. December through mid-January, Medellín is illuminated by Christmas displays. Highlights of the free tour include Christmas lights along Medellín River and La Playa Avenue and a technologicall...

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Preparing for a Visit to Kauai Through Newspapers, Film, Television, Music, and Literature

Full participation in small town life entails tracking the web of high profile out-of-town visitors and remembering any time the town or region was featured in newspapers, film, television, music, or literature. This is especially true of Kauai, the smallest of the four major Hawaiian islands. People who live on Kauai might gossip that Oprah flew a helicopter to Puka Dog or that Tiger Woods visited Brick Oven Pizza or that Evangeline Li...

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