Iceland: Exploring the Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland is one of those remarkable, magical places in the world where no amount of words can fully do it justice. A land of stark, outrageous contrasts, of deserts and snow-covered mountains, where fire and ice combine, lakes boil, and the ground shakes.

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What Not to Pack for College Abroad

Excited about college? Ready to start the next leg of your life journey? In all the excitement, you might be wondering what to pack for college. Pack all that you will need. Don't get too excited about packing since space is limited when it comes to college dorm rooms.

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Where to Get Your Cultural Fix in Los Angeles

Los Angeles isn't just the city of handbag dogs and smoothie bowls complete with avocado and a sprinkling of charcoal. This Californian city is such a diverse place that getting a true sense of 'America' means experiencing the vast web of cultures that make up every arm of this expansive urban landscape. Everything from street food to supreme luxury can be experienced here – it just depends on your taste. True luxury can be found in this sunny Californian city, as can some brilliant aspects of American and international culture.

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Things to Remember When Traveling Alone

Solo travelers are taking all over the world – one place at a time. Many travel on their own to visit the places they like, to meet new people, or to simply know themselves a little bit better.

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Enjoy a Slice of Paradise in the Exumas

Located in the Bahamas, a chain of cays known as the Exumas looks like a paradise on earth. From white sandy beaches to long sun-filled days, this spot is a must for any traveler in search of paradise. Secluded from the busier areas of the Bahamas, visitors can choose one of many Exuma house rentals and enjoy the area.

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Traveler’s Guide: 3 Hacks To Beat LAX Inconveniences

Are you're heading towards LAX? Does it make you nervous? And do you prefer not to travel just only because of the inconveniences? Then this piece of writing is going to fascinate you the most. Consequently, it would make accessible for you to checkout from the airport without facing any hassle.

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5 Unique Facts About Iranian Culture You Didn’t Know

Being dominated by Muslim since 1979, Iran wholeheartedly follows edicts given by the strict Islamic clerics. However, the culture of this nation is quite westernized and exciting. So, if you had any idea till date that the Iranian culture is generally radical and Iranian people are absolutely devout, you are absolutely wrong!

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Get Paid to Travel - Become a Travel Writer

Do you love to write? Have you always wanted to see the world? Why not combine those two passions and become a travel writer? This job is incredibly rewarding and is a career that you can make a good living at )as long as you work hard enough) and enjoy your time seeing other cities and countries.

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The Nine Tastes Of Britain You’ll Miss Most While You’re Away

When we go on our travels the whole idea is to broaden our horizons, to open ourselves up to new experiences and to live in different cultures. But, however much we do find ourselves doing this, there's always going to be that hankering for the things we enjoy at home – and perhaps nothing does this quite as much as food. That's because it's more than just what we eat to live, it's also loaded with memories and significance for us.

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The Best Cities to Travel to For a Student in China

It can be a pleasant experience traveling in China as a student. The country is diverse in its culture, people, and landscapes. And although historical sites in China such as the Great Wall, Emie Shan, Yangshuo are incredibly popular sites for travelers, Chinese cities are where the real magic happens.

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