Six amazing things to do in Marrakech

Marrakech is one of the world's most underrated destinations. With charming accommodation, unforgettable authentic experiences and a range of palaces, galleries and sites to see, Morocco's fourth largest cities has much to offer. Here are six amazing things to do during your time in the city. 1. Stay in a riad To enjoy a truly authentic Morocc...

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How to keep your home safe when on holiday

Your holiday should be your downtime – a chance for you to spend some time just relaxing. But you won't get many opportunities to chill out if you spend your whole time worrying about whether your home is safe or not. Preparation is the key; if you take some time to ensure your home is safe before you leave, you'll have nothing to worry about. Here...

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Is Becoming A Digital Nomad For You? Top 10 Tips & Considerations

Digital nomadism is a trend that's going mainstream. As technological advancement makes remote working ever more convenient and attractive, people have taken to travelling the world to work or start their own business in increasing numbers. The phrase even has its own Wikipedia page, but despite the desirability of this lifestyle, is becoming a dig...

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Eight best locations for a holiday home

Holiday homes can be an excellent investment both for now and for later in life. There are a range of wonderful places around the world that make for excellent places to visit – but where are the ones that can be smart assets too? Here are eight of the best places you can buy a holiday home.

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Seven Free or Reasonably Priced Activities and Places to see in Dubai

​When travelling on a budget, it's hard to choose and eliminate the many potential tourist attractions, activities and restaurants you want to visit during your stay. And when visiting one of the most luxurious locations in the world, Dubai, it's hard to believe that anyone who doesn't have a substantial amount of money, are able to experience all ...

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The Seven Best Countries to Enjoy your Gap Year

If you have just finished school, or are finishing in the next year, you're probably starting to think about your gap year and where in the world you would like to spend it. And, with so many beautiful places across the globe – that have incredible cultures, landscapes and tourist attractions – it's going to be a hard decision to make. To help you ...

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Health Precautions To Take For Your Journey To Brazil

Whether you are traveling to Brazil for a vacation, or you are going to the country in order to work there, it is important to take some time to make sure you protect your health and that you aren't taking any unnecessary risks once you arrive. Depending on the area of the country you will be visiting, the range of vaccinations that you will need t...

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How 2 People I Met in Thailand Changed My Life

I was a stranger to solo backpacking until 3 years ago and it changed my life. It transformed my view of who people were around the world and who I was. It pushed me to talk to people who I would have been too scared to and it pushed me to my limits and made me a more compassionate person. Ever since my backpacking trip after my college graduation,...

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Canal River Cruising France

5 of the Best Regions to cruise from top to bottom in France. BURGUNDY – FRANCHE-COMTE' The Burgundy regions gentle rivers and canals makes this an ideal setting for a lover of fine wines and gourmet cuisine. Accompanied by stunning scenery, this cruise is one not to be rushed. The river Seille has self- operated locks and well maintained moorings ...

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10 Great Things To Do in Porto
 - Portugal

It has to be said that you cannot miss this iconic structure, no matter where you stand in the hills of Porto. Opened in 1886, it joins the city of Porto on the River Douro and Vila Nova de Gaia. At the time of construction, it held the record for the largest iron arch and longest span bridge in the world. The top level of the bridge is now used fo...

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