Volunteering in Uganda with Beacon of Hope Uganda

The Beacon of Hope Uganda organization has volunteer work camps located in Mukono, Uganda and is currently on the lookout for volunteers for 2015. There are available spaces for 10- 20 volunteers per camp and the duration of volunteer time is flexible and can range from 1 week to 8 weeks.     Each work camp has an assortment of daily tasks that provide service and assistance to local communities with general and skill-specialized projec...

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Volunteering in India

Why India? Where can you get spectacular Bollywood shows, delicious spicy food, golden sand beaches, snow-capped mountains, sacred cows, and an intense sensory overload? Why it’s India of course, the largest democracy in the world. Volunteering here will give you all of those adventures and allow you to connect with the heart of India: its people. There are options for everyone from home stays to living in a house with other volunteers....

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Choosing the Right Volunteer Program

Making the decision to volunteer is a big one, and there are a myriad of factors to take into consideration. Choosing the right volunteer program is similar to buying a car. There are many options to consider, and you want your experience to be a positive one that will continue to help you in the future and provide you with lots of positive memories. There is no one size fits all experience, and each program has its pros and cons. The sheer ...

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Animal Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand

Not all voluntourism opportunities are created the same. In fact, those very programs travelers think they are doing good end up doing bad. Not for the travelers themselves, but to local cultures, people, animals and the environment.  An abundance of volunteer vacation opportunities present themselves, particularly in SE Asia where volunteering is big business – but not all actually do the good which they speak of. There are a handful of vol...

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Volunteer Abroad in Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the most picturesque places on Earth, and you could have the opportunity to live and volunteer in this breathtaking country. This vast land is filled with striking mountains, unending plateaus, sand dunes, and even permanent glaciers. The Gobi Desert is partially located in Mongolia and the terrain from steppe to mountain top is filled with interesting flora and fauna. Whether you choose to stay in the growing capital...

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Volunteering in Tanzania

Why Volunteering in Tanzania? Where can you find the warm welcome of complete strangers greeting you as friends as you pass by, the smiling faces of children walking down the street hand in hand with you, knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of others and meeting friends that will last a lifetime? Tanzania is that place, and as one of the safest countries in Africa, it is the perfect location to volunteer whether it is your ...

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Volunteer in Thailand

Thailand is a land of lumbering elephants, breathtaking beaches, dramatic temples, and towering mountains. With everything from glittering cities full of skyscrapers to rustic villages set amidst forests and rice paddies, Thailand has such a variety of sights to keep even the most well-traveled entertained. Volunteerism is a growing activity that gives globe trekkers and vacationers a chance to interact with the local community. You will get...

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