Volunteering in Uganda with Beacon of Hope Uganda

The Beacon of Hope Uganda organization has volunteer work camps located in Mukono, Uganda and is currently on the lookout for volunteers for 2015. There are available spaces for 10- 20 volunteers per camp and the duration of volunteer time is flexible and can range from 1 week to 8 weeks.     Each work camp has an assortment of daily tasks that provide service and assistance to local communities with general and skill-specialized projec...

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Top Five Places to WWOOF

Volunteering abroad can be a daunting and problematic goal to pursue. Saving up, acquiring visas, working out a place to live, and adjusting to a foreign culture are only some of the difficulties, not to mention finding the right place to give your time. WWOOFing takes care of so many of these problems, and it is one of the easier volunteering gigs to acquire thanks to the website and the other members that have contributed their input. The inter...

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Animal Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand

Not all voluntourism opportunities are created the same. In fact, those very programs travelers think they are doing good end up doing bad. Not for the travelers themselves, but to local cultures, people, animals and the environment.  An abundance of volunteer vacation opportunities present themselves, particularly in SE Asia where volunteering is big business – but not all actually do the good which they speak of. There are a handful of vol...

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What Volunteering with Peace Corps Teaches You

Part of the adventure of volunteering abroad, especially with the United States Peace Corps, is accepting it comes with certain risks and lack of conveniences that will change how you live your life forever. What I learned as a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) has shaped how I have approached everything since. I served as an Education/Information and Communication Technology (ED/ICT) volunteer in Guyana, South America (2008-2010), with only basic nece...

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