Volunteering in Uganda with Beacon of Hope Uganda

Volunteering in Uganda with Beacon of Hope Uganda

The Beacon of Hope Uganda organization has volunteer work camps located in Mukono, Uganda and is currently on the lookout for volunteers for 2015. There are available spaces for 10- 20 volunteers per camp and the duration of volunteer time is flexible and can range from 1 week to 8 weeks.




Each work camp has an assortment of daily tasks that provide service and assistance to local communities with general and skill-specialized projects. These projects help promote inter-cultural understanding between international volunteers and the Ugandan community, as well as a valuable learning experience when it comes to learning new languages, practical work skills, social skills, problem-solving skills, self-awareness, and global exposure. This is an opportunity for volunteers to see how different living conditions are around the world, a new perspective for them to digest and explore. 



Community Building and Construction - If you have previous experience with construction, then duties ranging from site preparation, such as demolition, excavating foundations, removing rubble, to mixing and pouring concrete, laying bricks, carpentry projects and plumbing, as well as projects involved with community beautification like landscaping and painting murals.




Kasala Child Care Center - If you are more interested in working with children, this center provides a safe environment for children who are at risk, a safe haven where they can participate in and learn through various activities and lessons. 

MDD, Sports & Recreation - The BoHU Music, Dance and Drama, Sports and Recreation program aims to instill values of healthy lifestyles throughout the community through the implementation of good habits that are taught through games, workshops and lessons. There are few opportunities for kids to play and learn through fun activities so volunteers are always highly anticipated for the fun atmosphere they bring to the village.




Teaching English - Applicants with TEFL certifications are highly encouraged to apply to volunteer on this project as they help all ages of people in the community to learn English as their first or second language. There is a unique cultural exchange element that allows locals to teach international volunteers about their culture, while the volunteers share their language and other cultural aspects. 

Environmental Conservation - This project is projected towards improved sanitation of the local neighborhoods, as well as the encouraged planting of trees and sustainable lifestyles. 




Rural Health - Volunteers with previous experience can help assist doctors with an assortment of medical related activities that help combat HIV/AIDS, as well as leading workshops about awareness and prevention for the community. Other important responsibilities include building dry racks, digging latrines and cleaning drinking wells. 

Volunteers are always welcomed into the communities that they work with during their time with Beacon of Hope Uganda and will have the chance to experience authentic and exotic Ugandan cuisine, cultural programs such as dancing, art and singing. Local children are always excited when new volunteers arrive and revel in giving them a tour of their home and for strolls to see monkeys and other local wildlife and medicinal plants. 


This article may contain outdated information, for more details you can contact Beacon of Hope Uganda clicking here


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10 August 2022

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