20 Easy Ways to Earn Money from Your Creativity while Abroad

Traveling to another country is an exciting and rewarding experience. If you are an international student or a volunteer, you have a great opportunity to explore a different culture, learn new things, and meet interesting people.

The most important thing that worries most young people who go abroad to study or volunteer is finances. Unfortunately, the pleasure of being abroad is an expensive one, and one has to pay for food, drinks, accommodation, leisure, and numerous other expenses.

In this article, we are going to look at 20 ways to earn money for international students, volunteers and other people who need an extra income in a foreign country.

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Volunteering In South African Nature Projects

One of the most attractive aspects of South Africa for many people is the natural heritage that can be found in throughout the country. It is home to a wide range of different animal species, including elephants, lions, cheetahs and many other iconic animals, and being able to volunteer to support natural life in the country is an attractive prospect for many people, and it can be a great way to make a positive difference in the country. This typ...

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WWOOFing In The Bay Of Plenty

The Bay of Plenty is one of the most attractive areas of New Zealand, and is a coastal area that lies on the north of the country's North Island. Combining sandy beaches and rocky shoreline the coast is very beautiful, while the inland areas of the region are filled with fertile land that is great for farming, and it is because of this that there are plenty of opportunities for those looking for a WWOOF experience in the region. With spectacular ...

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Marine Wildlife Volunteering: Salmon in Washington State

Marine wildlife doesn't only refer to dolphins, seals and whales- fish are just as important in the balance of our marine ecosystems. Fish are what feed all those other majestic critters that are often more popular subjects for volunteer projects, but if we didn’t have anymore fish not only would we lose dolphins and sharks, but humans would suffer the consequences as well. One particular fish that has a major impact on the ecosystem are salmon. ...

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Volunteering in Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica? “Pura Vida,” a popular saying by the locals meaning “full of life,” is the perfect way to describe the rich experience that volunteering in Costa Rica will bring.  Zip-line through the rainforest, surf crystal blue waters, experience erupting volcanoes, and do a little good in the process. Surround yourself with friendly locals in one of the great eco-tourism capitals of the world.    Know Before You Go Program...

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Marine Wildlife Volunteering: In the Philippines with Whale Sharks

The ocean is a magnificent world that continues to mystify us with its power, its depth and the creatures living within it exude a unique grace, strength and beauty. When the truth that being a mermaid or merman wasn't going to happen, getting involved in marine biology is the next best thing.  Opportunities can be found if you look in the right places, but it helps to know what you're interested in and where you want to pursue this line of ...

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Volunteer Abroad with Peace Corps

Volunteering overseas is one of the best ways to immerse in a different culture, to assist a community in need, and to grow personally as well as professionally. Volunteers with the Peace Corps serve abroad for up to 27 months, but some shorter-term options are also available. The health and safety of Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) is the agency’s top priority. Peace Corps understands some risks are involved with living and working in emerging cou...

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Volunteering in Tanzania

Why Volunteering in Tanzania? Where can you find the warm welcome of complete strangers greeting you as friends as you pass by, the smiling faces of children walking down the street hand in hand with you, knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of others and meeting friends that will last a lifetime? Tanzania is that place, and as one of the safest countries in Africa, it is the perfect location to volunteer whether it is your ...

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