How Students Can Save Money Abroad

If you're a student or the parent of a student preparing for a trip abroad, chances are you've read up on all of the basic money-saving tips. You know to be mindful of exchange rates, to keep cash stored in several places rather than just one, and to try not to have to withdraw much money at foreign ATMs that will have significant fees.

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How to Decide About Your Gap Year

The concept of gap year and mainly before a student joins university is very common in the U.S but currently gaining prominence across the globe. It is very critical for students taking a gap year, commonly referred to as "gapers" to ensure that this period is used constructively.

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20 Easy Ways to Earn Money from Your Creativity while Abroad

Traveling to another country is an exciting and rewarding experience. If you are an international student or a volunteer, you have a great opportunity to explore a different culture, learn new things, and meet interesting people.

The most important thing that worries most young people who go abroad to study or volunteer is finances. Unfortunately, the pleasure of being abroad is an expensive one, and one has to pay for food, drinks, accommodation, leisure, and numerous other expenses.

In this article, we are going to look at 20 ways to earn money for international students, volunteers and other people who need an extra income in a foreign country.

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