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20 Easy Ways to Earn Money from Your Creativity while Abroad


Traveling to another country is an exciting and rewarding experience. If you are an international student or a volunteer, you have a great opportunity to explore a different culture, learn new things, and meet interesting people.

The most important thing that worries most young people who go abroad to study or volunteer is finances. Unfortunately, the pleasure of being abroad is an expensive one, and one has to pay for food, drinks, accommodation, leisure, and numerous other expenses.

In this article, we are going to look at 20 ways to earn money for international students, volunteers and other people who need an extra income in a foreign country.

1. Work as a Language Tutor

If you are an international student, you can speak at least one more language besides English. This is your chance to earn some money! For example, you can become a language tutor for both children and adults. You can teach any language you know. Here is a short guide to becoming a tutor:

  • Choose a language you will teach (English as foreign language, Arabic as foreign language etc.)
  • Find a motivation for choosing to be a tutor (in our case, extra income)
  • Get your first students by marketing yourself on the Internet or using flyers
  • Build lesson plans
  • Don`t be afraid!

2. Get a Part-Time Job

This is the most popular option for both international and local students. Working a part-time job allows to earn a good income to support your studies and pay for food, accommodation, and commute. Find more on how to combine work and study living abroad from our blog.

The list of common part-time jobs includes car wash attendant, grocery store employee, pizza delivery, restaurant wait staff, web designer, social media manager, and many more others.

Need some help with finding job boards? Here are some sites to check out:

3. Sell Unnecessary Things on the Internet

Every person has a lot of unused things that could be sold. You probably have books from last semester, an old music player, or some other item that could be used by others. Ask around if someone is interested or post an ad on popular sites like eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon.

4. Babysitting

This is a good option for those of you who share love for kids. Plus, it is a great way to earn some quick cash. Having a babysitter is common in developed countries, so you won`t have any problems finding vacancies.

The main advantage of babysitting is its easiness. Just take good care of the children until the parents are back home and you`re done!

5. Sell your Essays

You probably have a lot of college essays you have written for previous courses. There is a good chance that you won`t be using them anymore, so why not sell them? There are many services on the Internet ready to purchase your work like Cash4Essays.com.

6. Become a Fitness or Yoga Instructor

If you have been working as a fitness instructor, there is no reason to stop. In fact, your experience can help you to earn some money. For example, you can continue to work as an instructor in the foreign country.

7. Get an on-campus Job

Universities and colleges often offer their students on-campus jobs, so check out what your institution`s board. These jobs typically do not pay a lot of money but they sure can cover some of your expenses. 

8. Participate in Surveys

If you have some free time to spare, look for surveys in your area. Organizations that organize them typically give money, discounts, vouchers for shops, and other useful things to participants. SurveySavvy is a service you need to check out if you want to know more.

9. Be a Friend

A pretty unique way to earn money is to become a friend! There is a service called RentaFriend.com that allows to meet people who are ready to pay money for your time. For example, they might need you to show them your city or just spend some time in café talking about something. The hourly rate could reach $20 per hour.

10. Become an Uber Driver

Uber is a popular taxi service that provides cars to drivers, so you don`t need to have a car. What you must have, however, is a valid international driver`s license. By driving for Uber, you will have an excellent opportunity to earn some good cash.

11. Become a Mystery Shopper

You probably know the idea behind mystery shopping: you go to a store, buy things, and evaluate the professionalism of the store`s staff, whether the store was clean, and so on. To improve the quality of customer service, many companies are hiring mystery shoppers. MarketForce is one example of sites where you can sign up to become a mystery shopper. You might need an informative and well-structured resume for this job, so you should find out how to make your resume stand out.

12. Get hired to a Moving Service

Another popular way to get some cash for students is to get involved with a moving service. You need to remember that this work requires a lot of lifting, so you need to have physical capabilities for that.

13. Become a tasker at TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a popular online platform that allows to find and perform certain jobs at rates you choose. This is a good option for students because they can make a schedule that fits their life and continue to study.

14. Write Essays for Others

Many students do not have time to write own essays so they turn to college paper writing services. These companies are always looking for skilled writers, especially students who have a degree in a certain subject.

15. Dog walking

Do you like dogs? There is a good opportunity to make some money if the thought of keeping an eye on a dog does not scare you. Many people are looking for these services on websites like Tailster, so check out if it can help you.

16. Rent your Items

If you have good tools in your house that you barely use, how about renting them to other people? Services like Rent My Items can help you with that. There, you can create a post with an item and get a nice return.

17. Become a Pizza Delivery Guy

A classic way to earn money as a student is to deliver pizzas. In addition to a salary, you will get tips, so this can really help you to cover some expenses. Plus, you will get to ride a car.

18. Work in a Restaurant

Wait staff is always in demand, so you can check out vacancies in your area. This job is very easy to get, especially in large cities.

19. Start a Blog

Write a blog about something you are passionate about. As soon as you have some decent readership, you can get into affiliate marketing and promotion of products. Here is a guide to starting a blog.

20. Become a Virtual Assistant

Whether you are a student or a volunteer, this job could a good option because you can do it from the comfort of your home. Just find a vacancy on popular job boards in your area and see if it fits your schedule.

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