5 Things to Do When Preparing to Become an Exchange Student

More students than ever are reaping the benefits of studying abroad. Whether they're studying from a remote location, exchanging places with a student from another family, or simply taking international classes, a study abroad experience provides opportunities to learn about other cultures from a first-hand level. However, there are some things students should do to prepare for their big adventure. Follow these five tips before you start your time as an exchange student across the world.

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Six Tips for Coping with Expat Stress

Whether you've been offered a job abroad, have chosen to settle down in a new country, or are following a partner's job, the expat life can be pretty stressful. Adventure and discovery can go hand-in-hand with culture shock and loneliness, and with all that change and transition stress is inevitable. While many would not choose to give up on living in another country, dealing with the pressure of setting up somewhere new is incredibly important in order to make the venture a success.

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Stages of Culture Shock

Whether this is your first time leaving your home country or your twentieth, there is a high chance that you will experience culture shock. Culture shock is the feeling you get when you start to feel frustrated or irritated by all the strangeness of the new country and culture that surrounds you. Contrary to what is implied by the name, culture shock usually does not happen right away. Sure, you will likely be amazed, confused, or excited by...

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