10 Things to do in Madrid

Madrid, the thumping heart of Spain, is a dynamic and cultural capital packed with things to do that can provide amazing memories and experiences. Today, we're delivering you 10 things to do in this diverse city. Who knows, maybe you will just fall in love with Madrid like we did.   1. Get outdoors     Regardless of the temps -- and yes, they can get mighty roasty in the depth of the summer -- no visit to Madrid is complete without...

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10 Awesome Things to Do in the American West

The Western part of the United States isn’t known as the Wild West for nothing. Initially serving as the land of promise for settlers moving from the midwest, followed by the California gold rush, to the Silicon Valley center of innovation, and the melting pot of Hispanic and Asian cultures of today, the west coast is teeming with brilliant minds, beautiful locales, and incredibly varied cultural traditions. There are both massive citie...

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10 Awesome Things to See in the American South

The American south (also known as “Dixie”) is made up of several states located in the continent’s southeastern quadrant. Though definitions of exactly which states fit vary, one thing is for sure: the food, culture, and environment for those looking to study or work abroad is rich and inviting. The area is known for its unique culture, delicious cuisine, and inventive musical style. Southern ethnic heritage is rich and diverse, incorpo...

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