10 Reasons to Study in Madrid

According to the last study published by the Spanish Education Ministry more than 1,500,000 university students arrived to Spain during the 2014/2015 academic year in order to complete an undergraduate or a master's degree in a Spanish university. They were all spread around the country, but it was revealed that approximately a 20% of them chose Madrid as first option. We interviewed some of these students and here are the 10 most repeated reasons of why they decided to come to Madrid.

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10 Things to do in Madrid

Madrid, the thumping heart of Spain, is a dynamic and cultural capital packed with things to do that can provide amazing memories and experiences. Today, we're delivering you 10 things to do in this diverse city. Who knows, maybe you will just fall in love with Madrid like we did.   1. Get outdoors     Regardless of the temps -- and yes, they can get mighty roasty in the depth of the summer -- no visit to Madrid is complete without...

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