A Perfect Guide for Who Are Planning To Go Abroad For Studies

There are so many benefits associated with studying abroad especially for the younger generation. It is a nice experience to anyone planning to visit a foreign country for the sake of studies. To a college student, studying abroad comes with many beneficial opportunities as well as very valuable life lessons and experiences.    BENEFITS OF STUDYING ABROAD Outlined and discussed below are some of the benefits associated with going for st...

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4 Study Abroad Destinations in Argentina outside of Buenos Aires

Studying abroad in Argentina has so much to offer outside of its capital: rich and varying landscapes, a reprieve from the constant city hustle and bustle, great wine and steak, of course, and most importantly, your hard-earned pesos will go a lot further away from Buenos Aires. But time and time again, Buenos Aires is the number one study abroad choice in Argentina whilst other destinations are put to one side. This article doesn’t aim to demean...

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Study in Atlanta

Atlanta may be a big city, but it also has the feel of a college town, with dozens of colleges and universities located within its limits. Each area feels like a small community, but has access to the rest of the city. It’s a great place to study for just about any interest. The city is also walkable in these campuses and easy to get around on the MARTA public transportation system. Cost of living is low, especially in relation to other...

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Study Abroad In Costa Rica

The majority of students looking to study abroad turn their sights to the well-known countries of Europe for their experience. Great Britain, Italy, France, and Spain each hold a spot in the top five countries with the most foreign students. It’s easy to imagine why so many people flock to these countries, but there are opportunities all over the world with fantastic schools and programs waiting to be taken advantage of.  Costa Rica, wi...

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Scholarship programs for studying in USA!

Why USA? Often called the destination of opportunities and hope, United States of America needs no introduction. The pleasant climate, the cultural diversity, the dedication and willingness to develop new technologies, a promising and stable economy with a great education system makes USA a perfect and ideal destination to study abroad. The good news for students aspiring to study in USA is that a lot of the foreign education consultants can act ...

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Best Australian Cities for Study Abroad

Each Australian city has something different to offer travelers and especially students thinking about studying abroad. All major cities are located on the coast, but they all have different climates to consider. First, check to see what Australian universities may have partnerships with your school. Then think about what type of atmosphere you like to find the best Australian city for your study abroad experience. Cost of living is similar throu...

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Studying Spanish in Colombia

Overview of Colombia Colombia has an unfair reputation. Although the gang activity, drugs and ‘la violencia’ (the violence) dissipated years ago, many tourists still leave Colombia off their travel list because they think it’s too dangerous. They couldn't be farther from the truth. While travelling through South America for eighteen months, I found myself returning again and again to Colombia; for the people, the landscapes, the beaches...

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Studying Abroad in California

Do the famous movies and songs that come out of the West Coast of the United States have you California Dreamin’? Has the United States’ most populous state infiltrated your interests? If you’re thinking of studying abroad in the United States, there’s no better state to experience than California. From arid deserts, to lush forests, snowy mountains, coastal cities and all kinds of varied cultures, California truly has it all.     ...

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Studying Abroad in England

Are you interested in studying abroad in a country where you already speak the native language, but still want to be immersed in a completely different culture? Do you want to have the option to attend prestigious universities while living in a country with a rich history? England might be the perfect place for you!     England at a Glance: Domestic population: 53.01 million (2011) Capital city: London Official Language: ...

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Language Study in Spain

Spain is the land of flashy Flamenco dancing, the adrenaline-pumping Running of the Bulls, and the thrillingly messy La Tomatina food throwing festival. This country is a goldmine of activities, delectable food, and delicious drinks, and it is also the perfect place to learn Spanish. Would you rather learn a new language sitting in a classroom or by going out into the streets and shopping at the local market and then sipping sangria at the l...

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