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4 Study Abroad Destinations in Argentina outside of Buenos Aires

4 Study Abroad Destinations in Argentina outside of Buenos Aires

Studying abroad in Argentina has so much to offer outside of its capital: rich and varying landscapes, a reprieve from the constant city hustle and bustle, great wine and steak, of course, and most importantly, your hard-earned pesos will go a lot further away from Buenos Aires. But time and time again, Buenos Aires is the number one study abroad choice in Argentina whilst other destinations are put to one side. This article doesn’t aim to demean Buenos Aires but simply, to open your eyes to other study abroad destinations in Argentina that are just as good, if not that better than the self-dubbed Paris of South America.


Study Abroad In Mendoza

Best for: Wine connoisseurs, Outdoors lovers, Ski Enthusiasts




Slap bang in the middle of wine country, you’re in for a treat if you decide to study abroad in Mendoza. If you love wine, you’ve come to the right place as Mendoza is the best hopping point to visit some of the country’s finest vineyards. But, Mendoza is not just about wine, it is merely the tip of the iceberg, especially when it comes to exploring the great outdoors. With the Andes nearby, Mendoza is an optimum destination for those in search of outdoor adventuring. A trek to the summit Aconcagua in particular deserves a mention as it is the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere. Otherwise, you can horse ride, white-water raft or when winter strikes, snowboard or ski down the Andes. Travel-wise, a long weekend in Chile is just a hop and a skip away with a weekend trip of Santiago, Valparaiso and Viña del Mar being easily done. 


Study Abroad In Córdoba

Best for: Culture vultures, adrenaline Junkies, history buffs




Out of all the study abroad options in Argentina, Córdoba stands out. Student life is pretty well established considering it is the biggest student city outside of Buenos Aires. Thanks to the greatly ingrained student culture, there are so many cultural options on offer for the study abroad experience: cinema, art exhibitions, tango and contemporary and folk music performances, which merely scrape the surface of what’s on offer in Córdoba. As student life is integral to Córdoba, needless to say, the nightlife is second-to-none with something to cater for everyone. Then like with Mendoza, Córdoba has lots to offer when it comes to outdoor activities that will get your adrenaline levels soaring – think horseback riding, trekking, mountain biking, parasailing, caving – you name it, Córdoba’s got it. There’s the history behind Córdoba too, which will have those who love history raring to go. Did you know Córdoba was in fact in the original capital of Argentina? The colonial legacy also leaves behind 17th and 18th century Jesuit relics with Manzana de los Jesuitas being awarded UNESCO status. Thanks to its rich and eventful past, Córdoba is home to several history museums as well as plenty of other museums being dedicated to various fields so if you’re studying abroad for a real academic experience, Córdoba is a good place to push your academic boundaries. Travel-wise, Córdoba is often cited as Argentina’s geographical center making it an ideal hub for long weekends or holidays away. Both Buenos Aires and Rosario are just a 8-9 hours bus ride away and Córdoba’s international airport offers flights all over South America and beyond. 


Study Abroad In Salta

Best for: Music lovers, Culture enthusiasts, Weekend trippers




For a taste of South America’s indigenous roots, head to Salta. Thanks to its close proximity to the Andes and the Bolivian border, Salta and Jujuy province are one of the only places to have retained the country’s indigenous culture. Carnival is a typical example of this where participants pay tribute to Pachamama, the Incan goddess of fertility and it’s quite common that you will bump into other displays of Diaguita-Calchaquí and other Incan traditions throughout your study abroad placement. Music is also an integral part of Salta’s day-to-day goings on with peñas, a restaurant and a music venue being the perfect prelude to a night out. Expect to enjoy music and dance and don’t shy away from audience participation! But for those who want to make the most of the weekends exploring, Salta is an ideal base. If you love wine but don’t fancy the 18 hour journey to Mendoza, Cafayate is a great alternative nearby, being just a 4 hour bus ride away. For music lovers, it’s worth remembering to put Cafayate’s La Serenata festival in February, which attracts Argentina’s best folk musicians, in your diary. Or follow in the footsteps of the Incas by having a road trip along the scenic Quembrada de Humahuaca route. The diversity of landscapes you’ll pass through is incredible and with the Andean plateau as a backdrop, you’re in for a visual treat.


Study Abroad In Rosario

Best for: Linguist enthusiasts, party animals, social butterflies




If you’re keen to study Spanish in Argentina and really immerse yourself in the culture whilst getting to grips with the language, Rosario is the best bet for you. Having had a similar influx of European immigrants, the city holds a similar air to that of Buenos Aires without the expat crowd, at a lower price and maintains a close-knit small town vibe. In fact, the city’s commitment to the environment means there are plenty of green spaces when you’re in need of a reprieve from city life. As said about Cordoba and Salta, there is a thriving arts scene in Rosario too so you will never be short of art exhibitions, plays and concerts to enjoy. The city’s nightlife is also worth sampling so if you want to study abroad in Argentina for the social aspect, Rosario is an option worth considering. And as always, one of the huge advantages of studying in Rosario is related to travel, as the study abroad experience is massively centered around it. Rosario is conveniently located so that you’re only 4 hours away from Buenos Aires, if you ever fancy a weekend trip there. If you want a longer break, Southern Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and Chile are just a (long) bus ride away too. 

These suggestions just scrape the surface of the destinations where you can study abroad in Argentina, away from the nation’s fiercely proud capital. Hopefully, if this article has achieved its aim, the above recommendations are a good starting point to motivate your study abroad brainstorming to think of other options away from Buenos Aires. Buena suerte!

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