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Scholarship programs for studying in USA!

Scholarship programs for studying in USA!

Why USA?

Often called the destination of opportunities and hope, United States of America needs no introduction. The pleasant climate, the cultural diversity, the dedication and willingness to develop new technologies, a promising and stable economy with a great education system makes USA a perfect and ideal destination to study abroad. The good news for students aspiring to study in USA is that a lot of the foreign education consultants can act as navigators in turning their dreams into reality. The entire process of getting through the admissions and visas for USA require a lot of knowledge and experience. The entire process has a lot of Do’s and Don’ts and any wrong step can create a lot of issues for candidates. These consultants have years of experience behind them. And they make sure that the entire process, from the pre- application preparation to visa preparation is a smooth sail for them.

Every year more and more students make a beeline to study in USA. It’s a preferred choice of destination for a lot of Indian candidates as well. More and more candidates choose USA but they have to first get used to their education system which is quite different from their own country. As a general rule, the colleges there are smaller and generally offer undergraduate degrees while universities offer both undergraduate and graduate courses. The application process to study in USA is a rather time consuming and tedious job in comparison to any other country. One has to go through a lot of backend process before they get to submit the final application.


The application procedure:

A lot of documentation is done which plays a crucial part in seeking admission. The final step is the filing of the visa application as per the norms of the US High Commission. The role of a consultant can be very critical here as they can help you present the papers in a proper manner. They can also help you to groom yourself for the final interview with the Mumbai embassy. In terms of finance, students can apply for scholarships or education loans after they get a confirmation of their admission in a foreign university. The loan total agreed by the bank depends on the yearly tuition fees and other few factors.

Students who prepare to study in USA and attend the fall and spring semester in the universities there should ideally prepare a checklist before going. Once they reach there they can design their courses as per their goals and objectives. The universities extend great help in making the students feel at home. They also help them in acclimatizing to the new environment and culture. For the very same reason more and more students wish to study in USA and join the universities there.


Funds and scholarships available:




It is extremely important that students plan their complete U.S. education, including the financial aspect before leaving their home country. Some universities, colleges and U.S. consulates necessitate foreign students to submit certifications of funding for the complete period of education. Top-notch universities, enhanced career opportunities and vibrant campus experiences attract hordes of students across countries to choose USA as a study destination. Even though the advantages of studying in US are many, the high expenditure is one of the main drawbacks. Due to this study abroad candidates look for options that can help them reduce their financial load. This is where scholarships come into picture and are the most preferred. 

Besides the concessions given by a particular school or university, Indian students applying to the US can think of the various scholarship schemes approved by the government, or funded by individual public, private organisations as well. But surprisingly, in spite these scholarships being easily accessible, little or nothing is known about them to potential international students. Even though there is several subject or programme specific scholarships or funding alternatives offered by colleges and universities, some of the ones mentioned below are among the top scholarship options for students wanting to study in USA.


1. Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship:

The Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship is the master's fellowship that is offered to exceptional students in India who want to pursue a master's degree program at selected universities and colleges in USA. The subjects that can be pursued are culture management which includes heritage preservation and museum study, arts, environmental study, higher learning management, urban and regional planning, public health and women/ gender studies. The Fellowship covers J-1 visa, round-trip air travel in economy class from the candidate’s home town to the host institute in USA, tuition charges, living and other connected expenses, and sickness and accident program for exchanges as per the government rules in USA.


2. Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship

The Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship is a Fulbright programme that gives a chance to middle management and young professionals from budding countries to pursue 10 months of non-degree study and associated realistic professional knowledge in USA.


3. US universities and colleges offering Scholarships

Roughly all important universities in USA provide fellowship and scholarship opportunities managed by them. Besides the financial alternatives present in the University, they also have department and country specific and alumni and ex-faculty funded alternatives available. These scholarships are available for different levels of learning and for different durations. One can easily find out a lot of information on the official websites of the chosen universities and know about the endowment options available.


4. AAUW International Fellowships

The American Association of University Women International Fellowship is offered to female non-US citizens or inhabitants who permanently live in US to pursue full-time education or research. The fellowship is offered for pursuing both graduation and post-graduation at the recognized institutions in US. Beneficiaries of the Fellowship are short listed on the basis of their educational qualification and achievement and proven dedication to women.


5. Indian Government Award

The Government in India also provides monetary assistance to students who wish to study abroad under different schemes, mainly for the socially or financially underprivileged class. One such foremost initiative is the National Overseas Scholarship Scheme.

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