How Much Does It Cost to Live in Glasgow for One Month?

Glasgow's commanding position on the River Clyde has defined its development over the decades. During the 18th century, with the onset of Britain's Industrial Revolution, the city expanded rapidly. It grew into one of the world's centres for the production of chemicals and textiles and pioneered cutting-edge engineering, especially in shipbuilding....
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Guest — Justin
This pricing is a bit off. I live near Queen's Park and pay £380 a month for a two bedroom flat plus bills, the examples in this a... Read More
Wednesday, 10 January 2018 16:12
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Shoulder Season Around the World

We all eagerly look forward to holiday time, when we get a break from work or school and get the chance to head off somewhere exotic. So when the time to get out of cold winter for the holiday season and head to more tropical locations, upon arrival you will quickly realize that you were not the only person who had an escape plan to Hawaii or Tahiti. Summer holidays are also a popular time for travel as families can head out together and enjoy va...
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From Panama to Colombia: A Guide to Traveling Between North and South America

While planning to travel from North America to South America, it is easy to look at a map of the area and assume that the journey from Panama to Colombia is as easy as catching a short bus ride. While the 29,000-mile Pan-American Highway stretches all the way from Alaska to Argentina, there is just one 100-mile section that is not passable by any vehicle. This swath of rather dangerous land separating Panama and Colombia is called the Darien...
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The North American Diversity Visa

America is considered one of the most desirable countries to live in the world and receives an incredibly large number of applicants attempting to gain permanent residence. The United States of America are regarded as one of the toughest countries to immigrate to and establish a sustainable living situation in. Not only are the restrictions on immigrants simply applying for visas extremely strict, but even after applying, visas themselves ar...
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