Your Transport Options in London

Having useful knowledge to hand when planning a trip to London will help you to better plan your holiday. It will also help you to avoid potential bottlenecks when clashing with other tourists, and will simply make your trip more enjoyable overall. London is an incredibly popular city for tourists, so you can expect it to be quite busy. If you're p...

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Seven Free or Reasonably Priced Activities and Places to see in Dubai

​When travelling on a budget, it's hard to choose and eliminate the many potential tourist attractions, activities and restaurants you want to visit during your stay. And when visiting one of the most luxurious locations in the world, Dubai, it's hard to believe that anyone who doesn't have a substantial amount of money, are able to experience all ...

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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Glasgow for One Month?

Glasgow's commanding position on the River Clyde has defined its development over the decades. During the 18th century, with the onset of Britain's Industrial Revolution, the city expanded rapidly. It grew into one of the world's centres for the production of chemicals and textiles and pioneered cutting-edge engineering, especially in shipbuilding....

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Mesa for One Month?

Just west of the incredibly scenic Superstition Mountains, you'll find the city of Mesa. Though Mesa, considered a suburb of Phoenix by some, it is in fact a city with its own identity. As far more than a conference or meeting place, Mesa is a holiday destination in its own right, and an affordable longer stay for many. With two airports servicing ...

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Tucson for One Month?

Plan your time in Tucson well, because you've got a lot of ground to cover here. Sure you can choose to rest in your luxury resort, perhaps with a hit of golf or a spa treatment or two, and enjoy the most incredible sunsets and starlit nights from award winning restaurants. You can also wander the streets of the city exploring galleries displaying ...

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10 Great Things To Do in Porto
 - Portugal

It has to be said that you cannot miss this iconic structure, no matter where you stand in the hills of Porto. Opened in 1886, it joins the city of Porto on the River Douro and Vila Nova de Gaia. At the time of construction, it held the record for the largest iron arch and longest span bridge in the world. The top level of the bridge is now used fo...

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5 Steps to Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is such an amazing opportunity to experience a different culture, make new friends that will last forever and discover a new country that will become your second home. But at the same time, there are so many new challenges to overcome such us studying in a foreign language or being far from your loved ones. However, apart from being...

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