Seven Free or Reasonably Priced Activities and Places to see in Dubai

​When travelling on a budget, it's hard to choose and eliminate the many potential tourist attractions, activities and restaurants you want to visit during your stay. And when visiting one of the most luxurious locations in the world, Dubai, it's hard to believe that anyone who doesn't have a substantial amount of money, are able to experience all ...

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The Cost of Living for one Month in Dubai

Dubai is the most luxurious and populated city within the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is home to thousands of expats, nationals and travellers alike. Dubai is not the cheapest place to live by any means, but if you know where to look Dubai surprisingly can be done on a budget and is an expat-friendly haven. From luxury lofty apartments and grandiose hotels to sand-swept desert guesthouses. Dubai is known for it’s expensive accommodations; le...

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