Why Every Student Should Study Abroad at Least for a Few Months

Studying abroad has been encouraged for years now, but the benefits of this experience are especially highlighted today. By studying abroad, students enjoy the opportunity to visit and live in a foreign culture, all whilst getting the education they need. 
At this point, thousands of campuses worldwide offer study abroad fairs, while parents advise their children to persuade these opportunities. Basically, students are bombarded with photos and information about the benefits of studying abroad.

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8 reasons you should learn a foreign language when studying abroad

The study abroad experience is more than just what you learn in the classroom. It’s about the cultural immersion, meeting people from all over the world, the opportunity to explore corners of the world previously unknown and broadening your knowledge of the world we live in. One great way to enhance your study abroad experience is to learn a foreign language. Whether it’s the native language of your study abroad destination or a language you...

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The Foreign Language Dilemma

The world has at least 6,000 different languages spoken across its many countries. Europe boasts about 230 languages spoken across the continent, while Asia’s diverse population speaks a whopping variety of 2,197 languages. When it comes to traveling abroad, you are likely to encounter some degree of language differentiation from what you’re used to, even if you’re a native English speaker, Australia, Canada and the UK speak English, but wit...

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