The Foreign Language Dilemma

The world has at least 6,000 different languages spoken across its many countries. Europe boasts about 230 languages spoken across the continent, while Asia’s diverse population speaks a whopping variety of 2,197 languages. When it comes to traveling abroad, you are likely to encounter some degree of language differentiation from what you’re used to, even if you’re a native English speaker, Australia, Canada and the UK speak English, but wit...
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Peter Rettig
Hi Chelsea: I very much like your post and recommendations. Yes, it is good to at least know some basics when you are traveling. W... Read More
Tuesday, 29 March 2016 18:52
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10 Reasons Why Native English Speakers Should Also Learn a Second Language

Learning another language is like figuring out how to play the guitar, or trying to pick up any other new hobby. It takes practice. It takes commitment. It takes interest. And while grasping the intricacies and nuances of languages seems to come easier for some people than others, everyone should learn a second language. The fever for English education around the world is high, and the hotness for English teachers continues to rise. However,...
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