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How to Enjoy a Sober Vacation at the Beach

If you're in addiction recovery, you may be concerned that a beach vacation is out of the question, but that simply isn't true. While many people see vacations as an opportunity to drink as much as they want, that isn't really what they're about. The true purpose of a vacation is to provide you with an opportunity to rest, reconnect, play, brainstorm, and rejuvenate. Don't think of sobriety as an end to having fun. Sobriety can enhance your vacation, and you'll see that you don't need drugs or alcohol to enjoy yourself.

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Traveling Abroad in Bali: Off the Beaches

Bali , the surfer’s dreamland and Aussie get-away of Indonesia, is an international destination that draws thousands of travelers every year. Each island in the chain that makes up this expansive country has a distinct culture and ethnic background and Bali is a fine example. The language, food, holidays, and traditions of the Balinese developed independently from the neighboring islands, which gives this little piece of paradise an undeniable ap...
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