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Enjoy a Slice of Paradise in the Exumas


Located in the Bahamas, a chain of cays known as the Exumas looks like a paradise on earth. From white sandy beaches to long sun-filled days, this spot is a must for any traveler in search of paradise. Secluded from the busier areas of the Bahamas, visitors can choose one of many Exuma house rentals and enjoy the area.

 Because of the temperate weather, it's a great spot to visit year-round. To get the most from your trip, you'll want to try out at least one or more of these attractions.

 Go to the Sunday Pig Roast

If you're visiting the Exumas on the weekend, make sure to visit Stocking Island for the Sunday pig roast. Hosted by Chat 'n' Chill, this weekly meal is attended by both travelers and locals. Take a short ferry ride from Great Exuma and get there in time for a leisurely lunch. Spend the afternoon after this amazing meal under the palm trees, drinking Bahama Mamas.

If you do happen to be feeling adventurous after your meal, then you'll want to take a hike across Stocking Island. You could also leave this for another day. Right near the Chat 'n' Chill there is an easy hike across the island that ends in a beach on the other side. It's only about 20 minutes to get there and the beach is secluded and usually only has a few people there. Enjoy great views from this spot before heading back.

Explore the Land and Sea Park

If you want to get a little closer to nature, then your trip is the best time. This 176-square-mile park is one of the best-hidden treasures in the Bahamas. You can take a snorkeling trip here and see amazing sites such as coral reefs and queen conchs. Keep an eye out for the endangered species that call the area home like the loggerhead turtles of the hawksbill. You could spend a day here and not get to see the entire park so plan out at least a few hours to take in the main sights.

Take the Boat Tour

Since the Exumas are a series of islands, you may be staying on Great Exuma, one of the larger islands. However, you're only getting a small taste of what the area has to offer. If you want to experience the best of the Exumas, then you'll want to take a morning or afternoon and go on a tour. The boat tours are numerous and you'll enjoy a variety of attractions. A surprising part of the tour is the "cays of the rich and famous" which includes Nicholas Cage and Faith Hill along with others.

Swim with the Pigs

Although most people don't jump at the chance to swim with pigs, you might change your mind when you're here. Near Staniel Cay, you'll find the famous swimming pigs on Big Major Cay. Because the pigs have no natural predators, they love swimming and are much cuter than the ones you're used to seeing. The Exumas are the only place in the world that has swimming pigs. These adorable pigs are happy and friendly. They love visitors, especially ones with treats!

Visit the Tropic of Cancer Beach

Although you couldn't possibly see all the beaches in the area, the Tropic of Cancer Beach, also known as Pelican Beach, is the one you won't want to miss. Named because of its location on the Tropic of Cancer, it's a little challenging to get to but well worth the extra effort. Located on Great Exuma, this beach is lined with homes, but there's rarely anyone on the sand. Enjoy the soft sand, crystal clear water, and uncrowded area while you're there.

You'll probably want to have more than one beach day when visiting the Exumas. Forbes Hill and Love Beach are two beaches you can visit in the same day. Simply take the bridge to Little Exuma and turn off at the sign for Forbes Hill Beach. This small, cove beach is absolutely stunning, and there is rarely another person or footprint in sight. Take the short walk, following the grass track, to another secluded beach where you'll certainly want to have your camera and a snorkel. Take another walk northwest to Love Beach, and enjoy a tropical beach in an unforgettable setting at the La Shante Beach Bar. 

Feed Iguanas on Leaf Cay

If you enjoyed swimming with the pigs, then you'll want to try feeding the iguanas located on Leaf Cay. Known as a rare breed, these iguanas are extremely social and will come out to welcome visitors to the area. Many boat tours stop here and you can feed both large and small iguanas grapes or lettuce. Feed them directly from your hand or toss or toss the food on the ground and watch them eat just inches in front of you. If your only experiences with iguanas are at aquariums or zoos, you're guaranteed to be impressed by seeing these incredible creatures in the wild.

When you want a little piece of paradise, why not choose the the Exumas region of the Bahamas? These are just a few of the many reasons why traveling to the Exumas is such a special experience. You may want to make this spot your next vacation destination for 2018. 



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24 June 2021
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