Some Top Sailing Adventures in the U.S. and Abroad

Unlike a luxury cruise where all that's expected of you is to sleep, eat, and sunbathe, sailing adventures require "all hands on deck" when there's a problem with the sailsand/or the weather gets bad (it's part of the experience).

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10 Exciting Travel and Adventure Activities in Mazatlan Mexico from the Beach to the Sierra Madre Mountains

CANOPY ADVENTURE For the excited spirit a CANOPY ADVENTURE is the ideal way to spend 5 hours of your day. Huana Canopy Adventure is the recommended company for this excursion. The tour begins in a classic Swiss Army Pinzgauer 6x6 which takes you off road from the valley to the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range. As if this isn’t exciting enough you will take on the forest skimming along on 9 ziplines and 12 platforms before testing your...

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The Difficulty Of Brazilian Life For Those Moving To The Country

Brazil is a country that has a lot to offer international visitors, and when you are relaxing on the beaches of Rio or exploring the beautiful Amazon region, there is no doubt that it is a country which has a lot of things going for it. The economy in Brazil proved to be strong and resilient through the economic problems after 2008, although its growth has slowed recently, but there are still plenty of jobs and roles where expats living in the co...

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