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Some Top Sailing Adventures in the U.S. and Abroad

sailing adventure

Unlike a luxury cruise where all that's expected of you is to sleep, eat, and sunbathe, sailing adventures require "all hands on deck" when there's a problem with the sailsand/or the weather gets bad (it's part of the experience).

It also involves lots of equipment, from the latest GPS and other sophisticated navigational equipment to properly working heads and even below-deck marine-grade boat carpet.

In fact, it could be said that sailing is in your blood. According to a new travel article,for thousands of years, people have used sailing as their main means of traveling the world. Sailing for recreational purposes is, therefore, a relatively new pastime, but it still requires a lot of work and attention to keep a vessel moving through the choppy waters.

If you want to know more about the history of sailing, all you have to do is read the "inspiring tales of famous explorers"like Marco Polo or Christopher Columbus, and you'll get an idea of whatit's like to experience a sailing adventure. Or you can invest in your own sailing adventure even if you don't know the first thing about it. All you need to do is contact a travel company that offers some of the top sailing adventures in the U.S. and abroad.

Here are just a few of the most amazing destinations. 

Fort Myers and Sanibel Island, Florida

Say the travel experts, Florida's Gulf Coast usually remains calm on the beach, but its streets are always bustling prior to the snowbirds that fly to Florida in anticipation of the long winter up north.

Captiva Island, which is considered Sanibel's more tame little sister, was said to be the host of the Hobie 16 World Championship in both 1984 and again in 2019. Thousands of professional sailors from all over the world converged on the two-mile-long island for more than two weeks of daily sailing races and other activities that occurred close to the coast that offered spectators an exceptional view while they sipped their beers and pina coladas.

The destination's most popular resorts offer affordable packages post-pandemic for as little as $170.00 per night at the Sundial Beach Resort or around $200.00 per night at the Tween Waters resort. But make sure to check for current pricing due to these days of hyperinflation. Also, keep in mind that hotel prices spike in the winter.

In any case, why not just sleep on the boat? 

The British Virgin Islands

An archipelago of over 60 islands, the British Virgin Islands is one of the best places for sailors to island-hop. The only way to enjoy the islands and everything they have to offer is by sailboat or motorboat. In fact, the Virgin Islands are considered the Sailing Capital of the Caribbean.

All the islands are said to possess their own uniqueness. Opulent spiny lobster can be found on Anegada. Norman Island is known for its underwater caverns, which makes it a diver's paradise. Jost Van Dyke possesses beaches with sand so white it will burn your eyes when the sun reflects off of it.

If you have deep pockets, you can hire a travel adventure company that provides you with a crewed sailing vessel including a gourmet chef and a top-notch skipper with sleeping cabins for up to 12 guests. Spending your holidays on a boat like this is a good idea for large families since it takes away all the stress that goes with planning activities like snorkeling and fishing. 

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

You can reeducate yourself on Darwin's famous theory of evolution while sailing around the Galapagos Islands. Destination packages are available that allow you to fly in and tour by boat for a full week or more. Sailing yachts are said to be the most popular, but they often use motors, too, when the wind is still.

When the daylight is shining, you can dive and swim. Or you can go ashore to be an adventurer among the untamed wildlife that includes giant tortoises, iguanas, sea lions, and many species of birds. 

Tahiti and French Polynesia

The landscape of Tahiti and French Polynesia is downright breathtaking. It is also said to be where the "traditional conceptions of paradise" were originally born, with its lush slopes on the high islands, to palm-ruffled and white-sanded atolls, to blue lagoons.

French Polynesia is said to contain 118 islands, and it is located about halfway between California and Australia. They are dispersed across a 2000-kilometer expanse of the Pacific Ocean that's about the same size as Western Europe.

You can begin your sailing adventure on Ra'iatea Island, which serves as French Polynesia's yacht charter center. Sailors who own their own boats need to keep an eye out for tropical depressions that often occur between November and March and that bring high winds, heavy rains, and severe storms. But hey, it's all a part of the adventure.

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