Internship Opportunities in Luxurious Luxembourg

Guarded like precious buried treasure, Luxembourg is nestled safely between France, Belgium and Germany. Due to its small area of 2,500 km2 and total population of only half a million people, most people struggle to locate the small country of Luxembourg on a map, and some aren’t even aware that it is an actual country. It is the world’s only remaining grand duchy, meaning that a monarch is the head of the state, known as a “grand duke” or “grand...

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Keeping Your Parents Calm While You’re On the Road

They birthed you, they raised you, and now they’ve waved goodbye as you fly off into the world. Now you’re out and about having immaculate adventures and chances are they’re at home agonizing about whether you’re eating enough, if you’re meeting nice friends, if you’ve spent all your money on beer, and of course if you’re safe. They’ve sent you emails, letters, care packages, and maybe even tried to coordinate a visit because they miss you so muc...

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