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Internship Opportunities in Luxurious Luxembourg

Internship Opportunities in Luxurious Luxembourg

Guarded like precious buried treasure, Luxembourg is nestled safely between France, Belgium and Germany. Due to its small area of 2,500 km2 and total population of only half a million people, most people struggle to locate the small country of Luxembourg on a map, and some aren’t even aware that it is an actual country. It is the world’s only remaining grand duchy, meaning that a monarch is the head of the state, known as a “grand duke” or “grand duchess”. Luxembourg also boasts the world’s highest GDP per capita and is not only a member of several respectable organizations such as the EU, NATO and OECD, but also hosts an assortment of multinational, international and government agencies that offer many prestigious opportunities for internships and eventually employment.




The languages natively spoken by Luxembourgers, are French and German, however the high volume of international intersect in academic and economic realms has the number of English speakers increasing every year. However, it is still highly recommended that you speak at least French or German fluently. 

Luxembourg’s economy is flourishing from the intensely successful financial sector, producing very high-income rates and low inflation and unemployment throughout the country. If finance, business and banking are your area of interest or expertise, then Luxembourg may hold the gold studded internship opportunities you’ve been searching for.




Luxembourg holds the title as the worlds second largest investment fund centre and has several institutions specializing in finance education, as well as organizations that can help you find that perfect internship. The national university, University of Luxembourg, features an online recruitment service that connects corporate businesses and students and graduates, and you can explore more at Maybe you were only recently inspired to explore opportunities in Luxembourg and did not attend the local university; one of your best strategies would be to seek assistance from an adviser-recruiter, such as the National Employment Administration (ADEM).




This particular recruiter is able to help individuals with locating job and internship opportunities through their database of employers, but they also assist by ensuring you are being treated in accordance with government expectations including social protection and unemployment benefits. Health insurance and social security are highly regarded in Luxembourg and although many internship applicants will still be included under their parents’ health insurance, it is crucial for employers to confirm that their people are covered by social or health protection. 

Other agencies and groups that can help you locate positions include AIESEC, which is a student-run organization that offers paid internships related to business and technical departments and Transitions Abroad which provides country-based lists of the possible internships. Some sites and organizations will charge a fee for helping you search, while others provide a complimentary service.




Not all positions in Luxembourg will offer payment in return for your placement as an intern at their establishment, but if you are well qualified, delve into the search pool full throttle, and land a position with an established organization, you might be able to find a position that includes not only payment, but tax and social benefits as well! 

When it comes to visas, if you’re coming from Israel, Japan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the USA and are staying for less than 90 days, you are not required to obtain a visa, but if you’re looking at a more long-term situation, you will have to apply for a residence permit. This permit is not intended for living and working situations as it was initially created to accommodate individuals studying abroad at local institutions. If you are an EU national, you have no restrictions when it comes to entering and staying in Luxembourg, but all other countries not afore mentioned should research the exact visa specifications for their country of origin.




Luxembourg is considered one of the safest countries in the world, and with its undeniable reputation for financially successful businesses, an internship here will introduce you to the world of monetary prowess and fiscal intelligence. The proximity of France, Belgium and Germany is more than convenient for adventures to other parts of Europe, connected by several highways and train systems. Offering knowledge of money and wealth, and easily accessible travel opportunities to an assortment of countries, Luxembourg is a competitive region but if you posses the motivation, then there is an internship waiting just for you in this petite powerhouse.

For more general facts about Luxembourg, check out this website.



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22 April 2021
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