The definitive guide to studying abroad in Liverpool

Liverpool is unmistakably a former dock city - from the wide wharfs that were once lined with cargo ships to the grand buildings built for the rich merchants who used to inhabit them. Today that life is gone but some of the easy-going spirit of ‘have fun while can – and definitely when you’re at shore’ remains. As does a handsome urban environment, albeit with some slightly ‘well used’ parts! There are many clichés about Liverpool and its footbal...

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The definitive guide to studying abroad in Glasgow

Glasgow’s structure and character owes much to Britain’s Industrial Revolution. During the 1900s, the city grew rapidly as workers from the countryside flooded in to this newly urbanising centre. For nearly a century, it lead the way in pioneering new technology for steel production as well as in the chemical and textile industries. The city stagnated in the early twentieth century, seeming to have lost its sense of identity and purpose. Fortunat...

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The cost of living in Bath for one month

The Romans did it in fine linen towels. Ladies of the Georgian period did it in ankle length dresses. People have flocked to bathe in or ‘take’ the healing waters of Bath since this Spa city, originally called ‘Aquae Sulis’, was first inhabited around 50AD.  But it was the architects of the 18th century who, under the stewardship of Richard ‘Beau’ Nash, played the greatest part in creating the masterpieces that define the city today: Queen S...

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