You Know You're A Southeast Asia Local When

Maybe you’ve been living in Southeast Asia as a digital nomad, or perhaps you’re teaching there, studying, or have been traveling there for months or years on end. Whatever your reason for visiting this warm, delicious, beautiful part of the world, you’re sure to identify with the following signs that you’re now a Southeast Asia local:    1) Your day is kind of ruined because your favorite fruit shake stand is closed   2) You ...

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15 Things Only People Who Live in Southeast Asia Understand

Perhaps you’re teaching or studying abroad in Vietnam, happen to be a digital nomad in Thailand, work at a hostel in Thailand or lead SCUBA dives in Indonesia. Whatever you may do and wherever you may be, Southeast Asia is your new home. The following are things that only people who live (or have spent a lot of time in) Southeast Asia can understand:    1) Shoes DO NOT Go Indoors You don’t wear nice shoes out, because you...

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