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Italy is truly a magical country, what with its world famous food, amazing history, and incredible sights, meaning it is no surprise that it is one of the world's top study abroad locations in addition to one of Europe's top tourist destinations. As a university student or recent graduate, Italy offers up all sorts of opportunities for fun, adventu...
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Intern Abroad in Italy

When people think of Italy, the most popular associations that spring to mind are fantastic food, chic fashion, a wealth of wine, and a rich history and culture that continues to impact the world today. However, Italy is also a great way to boost your career and make sure that your future is on track through a valuable internship. As an intern abroad destination, Italy is one of the best. The sheer variety of industries that call this nation...
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Study Abroad in Italy

The diverse, beautiful, and historical country of Italy is the perfect place to study abroad. Between the sheer breadth of subjects to study and the enormous amount of delicious food to eat, why would you not travel to Italy? Imagine sitting in a café and watching the elegantly dressed locals pass by while you sip an espresso and then head off to a class on Italian architecture or the Italian Renaissance. As a student, you would have the free tim...
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Hey Cecilia, Thank for this great article. I've also read your South Africa post and I must say you have a great way of getting ... Read More
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Cecilia Haynes
Dear Ryan, I'm so glad you are enjoying my articles! Italy is a great country to visit and the major cities are fine for those wh... Read More
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